Nine Favorite Posts from Thin Places The best of faith, family, disability, and culture as I say goodbye to blogging!

One of the wonderful aspects of blogging is that I get to write about pretty much anything that is on my mind and might connect with readers. Over the past 15 months of blogging for Christianity Today, I've written or edited nearly 200 posts. As I wrote last week, many ...

Why I Need to Stop BloggingThe possibilities and limitations of logging life on the Internet.
Why I Need to Stop Blogging
Marcie Casas/flickr

“Blog” is a word that was coined nearly two decades ago as a shortened version of “web log.” As the word suggests, blogs originated as online spaces in which individuals or groups log their experiences in something approaching real time, much as a ...

When My Son with Autism Didn't Drop the BallWhat one night at lacrosse practice showed me about who he is becoming.
When My Son with Autism Didn't Drop the Ball

April is my bittersweet month, when the world turns blue for autism awareness, when it’s more conscious of the thing that is my constant companion. But after April, the world sometimes forgets.

I cannot.

When he was little, our neurologist commended us for being ...

Why this Evangelical is Grateful for the Mainline ChurchGiving thanks for God’s work throughout the church universal.
Why this Evangelical is Grateful for the Mainline Church
Bradley N. Weber

I hope that if I counted myself as a member of a “liberal” denomination, I would be writing a post about my gratitude for the contributions of evangelicals to proclaiming God’s glory in the church and in the world. Instead, as an evangelical, I am here to ...

Has Mindfulness Supplanted Thoughtfulness?Love always requires sacrifice.
Has Mindfulness Supplanted Thoughtfulness?

“Mindfulness” is a buzzword these days. As a recent article in the Sunday New York Times points out:

. . . mindfulness has come to comprise a dizzying range of meanings for popular audiences. It’s an intimately attentive frame of mind. It’s a relaxed-alert ...
True or False: 90% of Babies with Down Syndrome are AbortedA new study demonstrates the role of culture in welcoming children with Down syndrome.
True or False: 90% of Babies with Down Syndrome are Aborted

For years, I have read news headlines in Christian and secular outlets, from conservatives and liberals alike, stating that “90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted.” As I have argued before, and as a new study demonstrates, it’s just not true. Correcting ...

Joy for a Little Girl with AutismEveryone can experience God’s presence through worship
Joy for a Little Girl with Autism

In honor of autism awareness month, Jared Kennedy reflects on his daughter Lucy's experience as a part of a church community:

Kelly couldn’t wait to talk after the service. She met Megan and me in the stairwell on our way to the children’s wing. “I have ...

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