What I'm reading (and tweeting) this week about faith, family, and disability.

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Three Articles on Family Worth Reading This WeekWeekly Roundup 7.10.14
Three Articles on Family Worth Reading This Week

I've included a brief description and the opening paragraphs of four articles that caught my attention this past week. I'd love to know what you think too:

Coming to U.S. for Baby, and Womb to Carry It - Tamar Lewin, The New York Times

Foreign citizens now make up most of the clients at ...

The Benefits of RoughhousingWeekly Roundup 6.19.14: Five articles that caught my attention this week.
The Benefits of Roughhousing

Excerpts from a few articles that caught my attention this week:


Shun the Atheist Boyfriend - Emma Green, The Atlantic

A poll reveals that parents of all political persuasions are very squeamish about the prospect of a godless daughter- or son-in-law. In general, Americans don't like ...
Why We Call God FatherWeekly Roundup 6.12.14
Why We Call God Father
Visit Greenwich/flickr

Father's Day is on its way, and with it comes a reminder of the significance of fathers. In reading the first article posted here in the Weekly Roundup I wondered again about the reason God calls himself Father over and over again in the Bible. It may well be a hallmark of patriarchical culture. ...

Sex, Male Feminists, Jobs, and a Good OrphanageWeekly Roundup 6.5.14
Sex, Male Feminists, Jobs, and a Good Orphanage
jonathan macintosh/flickr


"A culture that too tightly binds sex and self-respect is likely, in the long run, to end up with less and less of both." --Ross Douthat examines the issues behind the Santa Barbara killings, our sexual culture, and feminism in Prisoners of Sex (New York Times).

In his piece for ...

Who Does the Dishes at Your House? (and why that matters)Weekly Roundup 5.30.14--good books, reading and IQ, and more on family, culture, and disability
Who Does the Dishes at Your House? (and why that matters)

I only saw my dad do a few household chores as a kid. Mom managed the household and he went to work in an office. It was a pretty typical gender-based division of labor. Except when it came to the dishes. Mom would happily let them sit until the morning, and Dad wanted them clean. It wasn't every ...

Weekly Roundup 5.15.14: Can Christians Live in Beautiful Homes? and other thoughtsA few posts worth reading on family, faith, disability, and culture
Weekly Roundup 5.15.14: Can Christians Live in Beautiful Homes? and other thoughts

I didn't get much reading done this week, what with another round of the throw-up bug hitting our house on the heels of Penny's ballet recital, Mother's Day, and the school spring concert. We did manage to finish Pippi Longstocking and start Owls in the Family (both books I highly recommend ...

Weekly Roundup 5.10.14: Seven Things to Read About MothersThe history of Mother's Day, mothers and calling, mothers and happiness, and more...
Weekly Roundup 5.10.14: Seven Things to Read About Mothers
Big Grey Mare/Flickr

In anticipation of Mother's Day I've featured posts about mothers all week--my own reflections on how being a mother has helped me to grow up, Ellen Painter Dollar's thoughts about how sharing her body--a body disabled by osteogenesis imperfecta--with her kids has brought healing and wholeness, ...

Weekly Roundup 4.25.14 Why I Read Novels Before BedPlus articles about Jesus, kids who suffer, changing assumptions about disability and more
Weekly Roundup 4.25.14 Why I Read Novels Before Bed

What do you do before you go to sleep?

I remember when I was in my first job out of college, and after about two years of working until the time I rolled into bed, I started reading novels again. Just as I had as a kid, before novels became homework assignments for all the English classes I took ...

Weekly Roundup 4.18.14: The Best Novel I've Read in a Long Time, and Other Reading NotesThe Festival of Faith and Writing, faith, family, disability and culture
Weekly Roundup 4.18.14: The Best Novel I've Read in a Long Time, and Other Reading Notes
Bunches and Bits/Flickr

Last week I returned from the Festival of Faith and Writing, a conference that is just what it sounds like, populated by writers and readers and people of faith. For people like me this constitutes a taste of heaven. Being at the Festival gave me a chance to think about why I love writing and reading ...

Weekly Roundup 4.11.14My favorite talk at the Festival of Faith and Writing (so far) and a few articles to read.
Weekly Roundup 4.11.14

I'm in Grand Rapids at the Festival of Faith and Writing as I write, and my head is swimming with new books to read and new ideas to consider, and that's only after hearing four speakers/panels on the first day. But it strikes me that I ought to talk about books today in addition to the articles ...

Fun Book News and Weekly Roundup 4.3.14News about my new book, plus some great articles about faith, family, and disability
Fun Book News and Weekly Roundup 4.3.14

On Monday of this past week I hit "send" and submitted the final final final draft of my manuscript for my next book, Small Talk: Learning from my Children about What Matters Most. It's a book filled with thoughts and questions that my children have asked or provoked along the way--questions ...

Weekly Roundup 3.28.14 What to read this weekend: articles on faith, Down syndrome, and cohabitation
Weekly Roundup 3.28.14

In case you haven't noticed, every week on Friday I offer a list of blogposts and articles you might enjoy over the weekend on the topics I try to cover on this blog--faith, family, disability, and culture.


Andrea Palpant Dilley shares her personal faith experience upon reading about ...

Weekly Roundup 3.21.14World Down Syndrome Day, atheism, children's books and more
Weekly Roundup 3.21.14

The big news of the week in my world is World Down Syndrome Day, celebrated today because the technical name for Down syndrome is Trisomy 21. Trisomy means three-chromosomes. People with Down syndrome have three copies of chromosome 21 instead of the typical pair. Thus, 3-21. Get it?

Anyway, I've ...

Weekly Roundup 3.14.14Two stories--one sad, one hopeful-- of disability, plus faith and culture
Weekly Roundup 3.14.14

If you only have time to check out two articles this week, I highly recommend the first two--both related to disability. One is the hard and sad story of men with intelletual disabilities who were virtually enslaved by a turkey processing company. The other is a delightful and hopeful story about ...

Weekly Roundup 3.7.14genetically-modified babies, prenatal testing, the presence of God, and more...
Weekly Roundup 3.7.14

I've been in bed with what has turned out to be a sinus infection for most of this week, which leads to a somewhat fuzzy brain and lots of time for skimming articles. So here are a few you might enjoy:


"We cannot attain the presence of God because we're already totally in the ...

Weekly Roundup 2.28.14 and Three Books to Read During LentFaith, Family, Disability, and what to read until Easter
Weekly Roundup 2.28.14 and Three Books to Read During Lent

I wrote A Defense of Lent earlier this week, and I promised to offer a few books to consider this Lenten season.

1. Love and Salt: A Spiritual Friendship in Letters (Loyola Press) began as two friends committed to write each other letters throughout the season of Lent. In addition to being a beautiful ...

Weekly Roundup 2.21.14Disability, single-motherhood, Barbie, and more
Weekly Roundup 2.21.14

Lot of great stuff to read this week:

Faith and Culture

As the first interview in a series of interviews about religion, Gary Gutting of The New York Times explores the question "Is Atheism Irrational?" with Alvin Plantinga.

"In a fractured and mobile and hyper customized and ...

Weekly Roundup 2.14.14Novels, non-fiction, medical marijuana and more
Weekly Roundup 2.14.14

If your bedside table looks anything like mine, it holds a stack of books that continually threatens to tip over. So every week, I take a minute to give you a peek into the books I'm currently enjoying, as well as a list of articles on faith, family, disability, and culture that might be worth ...

The Best Book About Writing Ever and other great reads this week

I'm not sure if it's really the best ever, but I am LOVING Ann Patchett's This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. The title is deceptive, as at least so far I've just heard (I'm listening on audiobook) Patchett's series of essays about the craft and experience of writing both ...

Politics, Down Syndrome, and What I'm ReadingArticles worth reading about missionaries, money, embryo selection, and more...

I have a new post at her.meneutics about politics and Down syndrome, with specific reference to Cathy McMorris Rodgers' response to President Obama's State of the Union address earlier this week. It begins:

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers's response to the president's State of the Union ...

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