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Top Ten Downloads of 2003
What people liked most at
by Cory Whitehead | posted 12/18/2003
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Best-seller lists intrigue me. My ears perk up when I hear something like "the top-selling albums from last week …" or "the highest-grossing films of the year …" These lists allow me to glimpse into the minds of people and find material I may enjoy.

With that in mind, I've compiled a best-seller list of the Top Ten Downloads of 2003 from I hope this helps you find ready-to-download Bible studies that will work for you, your small group, or your Sunday school class in the following year.

You'll find quality Bible studies on community, small groups, spiritual gifts, healthy sex, and more. Here, in countdown order, are the winners:

Top Ten Downloaded Bible Studies of 2003

10. Wounded by the Church

How should we treat those deeply hurt in our midst?

9. Five Principles of a Purpose-Driven Church

Rick Warren's genius is in helping pastors see the obvious.

8. Growing with Wesley's Small Groups

How what they did might power up our groups today.

7. Tradition: Love It or Lose It?

Does tradition breed empty faith or healthy Christianity?

6. Sex as God Designed It

The church has a vital part to play in spreading the good news about sex.

5. The Key to Spiritual Growth

Relationships can unlock the deeper parts of us and direct us to authentic spiritual development.

4. Giving Mary Her Due

Have evangelical Protestants neglected Mary? If so, how ought we to regard the mother of Jesus?

3. Authentic Fellowship

How is the church called to be different from the local social club?

2. Christian Teens and Sex

How we can help our kids deal with the temptations of sex.

1. Why God Gave You Gifts

The obligation and pleasure of putting your talents to work.

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