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Telling the Gospel Through Story
Evangelism that keeps hearers wanting more.
Christine Dillon | 01/29/2013

Christ, Culture, and the Generation Gap
What younger and older Christians get right and wrong about engaging the "world"
Brandon J. O'Brien | 10/23/2012

Mental Illness Has a Face
What I learned while visiting a mental health facility.
Tyler Charles | 09/04/2012

A Defense of Christianity's Influence on History
Evidence does not support what many secular institutions teach us.
Daniel Meyer | 07/31/2012

Be on the Lookout for "God Incidences"
The wrong road led to a wonderful witness.
Marilyn Trott | 04/10/2012

Path to a Miracle
Sometimes a leap of faith is one small step after another.
Hannah R. Anderson | 11/01/2011

No More "One Size Fits All" Outreach
The New Testament is full of different types of evangelism.
Kevin G. Harney | 08/30/2011

How to Reach Muslims
Find common ground and seek out creative ways to connect.
Interview with T. V. Thomas | 08/16/2011

Guardians of the Gospel
Only one person holds the title of "evangelist" in the New Testament--"Philip the evangelist" (Acts 21:8)--and he was an outlaw.
Luis Palau and Timothy Robnett | 08/02/2011

Help Even the Unrighteous Poor
After all, we are all unrighteous.
Joel Brooks | 03/22/2011

What Is True Evangelism?
Faith comes by hearing.
Kevin G. Harney | 02/15/2011

Grandfather Christmas
What is all this about again?
Kyle White | 12/15/2010

The Gift
God's plan for the world unfolds in the first few pages of the New Testament.
Dave Deluca | 12/07/2010

An Indescribable Gift
4 funny stories that make a serious point about Christmas
Dave Deluca | 11/30/2010

Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith
An interview with Generation Ex:Christian author Drew Dyck | 10/19/2010

Reimagining Evangelism
Think about these new ways to connect and communicate the Good News.
Rick Richardson | 08/24/2010

What Do I Say Now?
Responding to the slogans of critics.
Rick Wade | 12/10/2008

Evangelism Takes Time
Evangelism, like sanctification, takes time. Therefore, we must give it time.
By Earl Palmer | 04/30/2008

The Violence of Evangelism
Why, exactly, does the word evangelism evoke such violent metaphors?
By Andy Crouch | 04/23/2008

A Community of the Broken
A young organization models what it might mean to be the church in a suffering world.
By Christopher L. Heuertz | 09/05/2007

An Upside-Down World
Distinguishing between home and mission field no longer makes sense.
by Christopher J. H. Wright | 08/29/2007

7 Questions Skeptics Ask
How to answer the tough questions.
by Rusty Wright | 06/27/2007

Are You an Evangelist?
Scripture helps us define this.
by Timothy Robnett | 05/30/2007

Speaking to the Secular Mind
We can't win non-Christians if we don't know how they think, and we can't know how they think if we never enter their world.
by Bill Hybels | 03/07/2007

What Can Openers and the Church Have in Common
What we can learn from little-known facts of history.
by Dennis Stout | 02/14/2007

Ministries Among Today's Women
Reaching women means aiming at moving and multiple targets.
by Naomi Gaede-Penner | 06/14/2006

How to Lead Someone to Christ
The Bible asks us to believe—to appropriate Christ's finished work on the cross by trusting Him alone to save us.
by R. Larry Moyer | 05/03/2006

Extreme Jesus
What's wrong with The Da Vinci Code Jesus?
by Brad Reardon | 04/26/2006

5 Big Questions from The Da Vinci Code
A brief guide.
by Christianity Today magazine Associate Editor Collin Hansen | 04/26/2006

God Does Not Count Our Converts
He examines our faithfulness, and rewards our labors. The results are in His hands, not ours.
by R. Larry Moyer | 03/15/2006

The Lost: They're Watching Us
What we do and say affects non-Christians more than we know.
by John Atkinson | 02/01/2006

Let Your Light Shine
Christians who do not have changed lives have a credibility gap.
by John MacArthur | 12/14/2005

20 Questions to Help You Share Your Faith
Transitions you can use to turn a conversation to spiritual things.
by Worldwide Challenge | 10/12/2005

What Are They Really Asking?
How to answer spiritual questions.
by Judson Poling | 08/03/2005

Evangelism: Plant, Watch, Wait
Personal evangelism is usually a slow, but vital, process.
by Rick Weinert | 02/01/2005

Ask Before You Answer
How to talk to skeptics, unbelievers, and mule-headed friends and family about God.
by Randy Newman | 11/17/2004

4 Approaches to Congregational Outreach
Effective church evangelism is a group effort.
by Eric Reed | 08/18/2004

My Post-Evangelism Friendship
So, that person you were witnessing to actually got saved. Now what?
by Janice Thompson | 02/18/2004

What Is the Gospel?
How would you answer if someone asked you that question?
by Anne Graham Lotz | 10/16/2003

Ten Objections to Christianity and How to Respond
Answering the spiritual seekers in your world.
by Frank Harber | 03/01/2000

Evangelism for the Ordinary Church
Just because your people don't like to evangelize doesn't mean they can't share their faith.
by Steve R. Bierly | 06/01/1997

 Displaying 1 - 41 of 41 matches.Page: 1 

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