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What Can Openers and the Church Have in Common
What we can learn from little-known facts of history.
by Dennis Stout | posted 2/14/2007
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Perhaps you feel your church is a wonderful church family with much to offer. You may be thrilled to be a part of such a great fellowship. You may have good food in a great package, but are you making it easy for people to get to it? What I'm talking about are touch points—places where we meet needs and connect. Visitors, as well as members, need to feel that they are being taken care of. We accomplish this by creating these opportunities. Sure, we may call it outreach or inreach, sick calls, visitation, thank-you notes, or hugs. But they are all touch points. And a stroke on one makes us feel important, needed, noticed, wanted, missed or appreciated.

God is good and our job is to share him with others. We forget this simple truth. Somehow we get into this mode of working for the institution, our church, and we forget that we have spiritual food that we are trying to give people. Let me encourage you to have a can opener ready so that those around you can get to the "goody inside." You may even want to give your leaders, teachers, greeters, custodians, and secretaries a can opener as a visible reminder of what they should be about. Do you see someone new? Go say "Hi." Is someone missing? Call and check on them. Is someone hurting? Listen to them. Is someone on a soccer team? Ask how their game went. Is someone sick? Go visit them. Can they not get up because of their condition? Take them dinner, for heaven's sake. We don't want to make someone feel like throwing us at a rock in frustration simply to get us to notice their needs. Honestly, they won't do it anyway. Instead they will find that backdoor and quietly slip away.

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