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Spiritual Formation

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Open Your Hand
Learn to let go of grudges.
Anne Peterson | 07/30/2013

Forming an Inclusive Community
God opens his arms wide and so should we.
Anne Peterson | 07/09/2013

Learn to Listen
Listening is an important gift we can give others.
Anne Peterson | 06/25/2013

The "Zero Point"
Only when we get to the end of our selves do we find the beginning.
Meryl Herr | 06/04/2013

Following Christ with Our Actions
Authentic disciples vote with their feet and not mere words.
Albert Haase | 05/28/2013

Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine
Max Lucado explains why we must embrace the whole truth about grace.
An interview with Max Lucado | 05/07/2013

Saving the Planet Is Part of Our Calling
We gave up the American dream for a world of happiness.
Nancy Sleeth | 04/18/2013

The Economy of the Kingdom
Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Matt. 6:33).
James Bryan Smith | 03/19/2013

Sanctuary of the Soul
Developing a "familiar friendship with Jesus"
Richard Foster | 02/26/2013

When God Fights Your Battles . . .
The good news is that you win.
Anne Peterson | 01/15/2013

An Extravagant Gratitude
Learn to give thanks in all circumstances.
Ryan E.C. Hamm | 11/12/2012

Busyness Is Not a Spiritual Gift
'Wait' is a tough word to deal with in today's busy world.
Tammy Whitehurst | 11/06/2012

Grumble Halleluiah
Surprisingly, God welcomed my resigned, crabby, sigh-filled, grumbly praises.
Caryn Rivadeneira | 10/30/2012

Fighting Sin
It's not time to rest yet.
Jennie Allen with Amy Simpson | 09/18/2012

Is the Bible, or Your Perception of the Bible, Shaping You?
We have to guard against being bent by cultural winds.
Ryan Hamm | 08/28/2012

Understanding Lust
There is a fundamental problem with using the term "desire" or "sexual desire" as the starting point when developing a suitable, practical definition of lust.
Jim Vander Spek | 06/12/2012

Creating Space for God
Where, when, and how has God tapped you on the shoulder but you missed it because you were too busy or distracted to listen?
Stephen A. Macchia | 05/29/2012

Willing to Be Weak
I always wanted to be the strong one …
JoHannah Reardon | 05/01/2012

Prepare for a Shock
The Resurrection is cause for celebration, but it should always shake us up a little too.
Drew Dyck | 04/03/2012

I Gave Up Worry for Lent
Consider taking 40 days to give up a deep-seated sin.
JoHannah Reardon | 02/28/2012

The Drive for Perfection
It's a dead-end street.
Anne Peterson | 02/21/2012

Living with Depression
Finding hope when life seems hopeless
Christy Lindsay | 02/14/2012

Silence and Solitude
These spiritual disciplines supply fuel for my soul.
JoHannah Reardon | 01/31/2012

Serving God in the Ordinary
Greatness in God's kingdom is different than we think.
Ken Barnes | 01/24/2012

Rich lessons from the working poor
Mark Lutz | 01/17/2012

Christmas Is for Those Who Hate It Most
Because the manger is the most hopeful place in a universe
Matt B. Redmond | 12/13/2011

The Best Way (for me) to Pray
Find the prayer method that suits you best.
Tyler Charles | 11/08/2011

Finding the Jewel in Job Loss
There is more to the process than just finding another job.
Richard S. Jensen Jr. | 10/18/2011

When You're Scared Senseless
Are you going to trust God or not?
JoHannah Reardon | 09/13/2011

The Social, Economic, and Political Commitments of the Early Church
They were all about faith in action.
Brandon J. O'Brien | 09/06/2011

Unbalanced Blessings
The balancing act of life is always tempered by the one gift that cost God everything.
R. J. Thesman | 08/23/2011

Counteract Your Troubling Emotions
There is a way to joy and peace.
Bonnie Jones | 08/09/2011

Is Patriotism Christian?
Finding the right balance
Brandon O'Brien | 06/28/2011

Graduating Christian
How to finish college with your faith intact.
Brandon O'Brien | 06/21/2011

Is Christian Cynicism a Spiritual Sickness?
We need to have a vital faith that is without illusions.
Andrew Byers | 05/31/2011

5 Facets in Spiritual Formation
Use these steps to begin to let Christ form you.
John R. Throop | 05/24/2011

The Art of Dying
Living fully into the life to come
Rob Moll | 05/17/2011

Breaking the Rules
Trading performance for intimacy with God
Fil Anderson | 05/10/2011

Slow Down
We need to awaken the quieter virtues to be all Christ wants us to be.
Gregory Spencer | 04/26/2011

Am I Lustful, Gluttonous, or Slothful?
Spiritual formation is not just about reading your Bible and praying.
Gregg R. Allison | 03/29/2011

How to Deal with Bitterness
Breathe on my hardened heart, Lord.
Anne Peterson | 03/15/2011

Beauty for Lenten Ashes
Keep your eyes unwaveringly on Jesus during Lent.
Bonnie McMaken | 03/08/2011

The Value of Lent and Good Friday
Don't skip too fast to Easter morning.
Brandon O'Brien | 03/01/2011

Remembering God's help yesterday helps us to trust him for today and tomorrow.
Patricia Mitchell | 02/22/2011

Find Contentment by Killing Comparisons
Ever wonder why contentment seems elusive?
Anne Peterson | 01/31/2011

Live the Giving Life
Sean Tuohy, who was played by Tim McGraw in the movie The Blind Side, talks about how we can become cheerful givers.
Interview by Chris Lutes | 01/11/2011

Gratitude in the Lean Times
There is a reason we say grace before the meal, not after.
Rich Tatum | 11/16/2010

Live Life as a Mentor
It's easier and more natural than you think.
by JoHannah Reardon | 09/28/2010

One-Year Track for New Believers
Help those who are just beginning their discipleship journey become established in their faith through this one-year plan.
JoHannah Reardon | 09/07/2010

Devotional Practices for Memorizing God's Word
Reclaim this lost discipline.
Joshua Choonmin Kang | 08/17/2010

What Makes a Good Bible Study?
The answer may not be what you think.
JoHannah Reardon | 08/03/2010

Firework Display
How death and fireworks intersected one July 4th.
Kyle White | 06/29/2010

The Virtue of Patience
Waiting without complaining
James S. Spiegel | 02/23/2010

How Can We Gain a Good and Beautiful Life?
Putting on the character of Christ
James Bryan Smith | 02/02/2010

Five Signposts of a Healthy Church
Look for these clues to see if your church is on track.
Jack Egger | 11/11/2009

Tell It Like It Is
How to speak the truth to a friend without harming your friendship
By Annette Smith | 10/13/2009

Superwoman Syndrome
Getting over feeling we have to do it all and learning to say yes to God instead.
Bonnie McMaken | 09/29/2009

The Art of Group Prayer
Lead your group in praying biblically.
JoHannah Reardon | 09/02/2009

Top 5 Bible Courses on Parenting
These were your favorite studies on this topic.
JoHannah Reardon | 08/18/2009

Seeking God Together
A first look at spiritual direction
Alice Fryling | 08/12/2009

Engage Both Heart and Mind in Worship
How to prepare for worship
John Ortberg and Pam Howell | 07/22/2009

A Christmas To-Do List
by Mark Mitchell, with JoHannah Reardon | 04/30/2009

Learning from Horses
Training horses can teach us a lot about how we grow.
Kayla Holenski | 03/04/2009

Blessed Are the Uncool
Living authentically in a world of show
Paul Grant | 02/25/2009

Spiritual freedom beyond our appetites.
Lynne M. Baab | 02/11/2009

Spending Time
Psalm 90:1-17: The eternal value of numbering our days.
by Bryan Wilkerson | 08/06/2008

Holy Moments
Recognizing God's fingerprints in your life
by Lenya Heitzig | 06/04/2008

Please Don't Interrupt Me
What if life is really in the interruptions?
by Roxanne Wieman | 05/14/2008

Authentic Fellowship
How do we learn the deep 'one another' community of Scripture without being in close proximity?
By Howard A. Snyder | 03/19/2008

Don't Ask Me What I "Do"
We need to define ourselves in Christ rather than by our jobs.
by Steve Jolley | 09/26/2007

No More Mr. Nice Group
Five practices that take small groups beyond polite sharing to the disciplines that change lives.
by John Ortberg | 07/04/2007

Flex Your Spiritual Muscles
Use power like our Master.
by Trevor Lee | 03/14/2007

You Cannot Keep People Out of Hell
God does not fault us with anyone's eternal destiny.
by R. Larry Moyer | 01/10/2007

Anyone for Fasting?
Reconsider this ancient spiritual discipline.
by Clyde B. McDowell | 01/03/2007

8 Habits of Effective Small Group Leaders
by Dave Earley | 12/13/2006

So, You've Been Asked to Speak. Now What?
Follow these basic guidelines to prepare a talk.
by Beverly J. Van Kampen | 10/11/2006

How to Start an Accountability Group
Become accountable to grow in your Christian life.
by Christopher Easley | 10/04/2006

Ministry Blah
What can you do when you're discouraged about your God-inspired service?
by Cory Whitehead | 09/27/2006

Escaping the Pigeon Hole
Why small group leaders really need to be "pastors"—and vice versa.
by Russ Robinson | 09/20/2006

What I Learned from the Lazy Barista
If people are not following you, look at how you are leading.
by Trevor Lee | 09/06/2006

Keeping Ourselves on Target
A good reminder for preachers and teachers.
by Bill Hybels | 08/23/2006

Cyber Follow-up
Our small group follow- up is faster and more frequent.
by T. R. Robertson | 08/16/2006

Five Small Group Myths
Home Bible studies don't always operate by the textbook.
by David A. Womack | 07/12/2006

How to Lead a Good Discussion
Follow these basic principles for leading a small group.
by JoHannah Reardon | 05/24/2006

5 Questions to Clarify Your Church's Mission
What does it take to make a healthy church?
by Roger Jenks | 05/10/2006

Confessions of a Small Group Leader
Lessons learned the hard way.
by Joe Higginbotham | 04/05/2006

Conducting Acts of Hospitality
Follow these simple guidelines for conducting acts of kindness in the community.
by Scott G. Wilkins | 02/22/2006

New Disciples: Born, but Also Made
Be passionate about making disciples.
by Gary Olsby | 02/08/2006

Bring Light to the World
If we are following Christ, we will be making disciples.
by John MacArthur | 12/21/2005

No Time. No Resources. No Leaders.
Four tricks to launch something big with small resources.
by Brett Eastman | 11/15/2005

Launching Community
Three steps to making your small group dream come true for your church.
by Brett Eastman | 09/07/2005

Choosing Small Group Materials
Finding what to study may be the hardest thing small group leaders do.
by JoHannah Reardon | 08/19/2005

Cost of Discipline-Ship
Discipleship takes our time and commitment.
by Stephen A. Macchia | 08/10/2005

Superheroes in Sunday School
What superheroes can teach us about God.
by David A. Zimmerman | 08/08/2005

"Dude, I Can't Shepherd a Small Group"
5 tips on building community in your next group.
by Brett Eastman | 07/06/2005

The Five "Ms" Every Leader Should Know
What it takes to be a small group leader.
by Brett Eastman | 03/16/2005

Bad Days Are Sometimes the Best Days
And nine other lessons I've learned from my small group.
by Brett Eastman, Founder and CEO, Lifetogether | 01/06/2005

Five Ways God Answers Prayer
Whatever the answer, your best interest is always in mind.
Luis Palau | 12/15/2004

Five Essentials for Small Group Health
How to keep your groups growing vibrantly.
by Randall Neighbour | 09/01/2004

Beyond "Prayer Requests"
What if people's wishes run counter to God's sometimes painful path of transformation?
by Wayne Jacobsen | 07/01/2004

What Do We Want to Study Next?
Five principles for selecting the right study for your group.
by Michael C. Mack | 04/14/2004

Questions: Icebreakers and Beyond
Steering your discussion the right way.
By Dan Lentz | 03/17/2004

Eight Keys to Discipling New Christians
Suggestions to help you mentor.
Janice Thompson | 02/18/2004

True Christian Community
Do whatever it takes to connect a friend with Jesus.
by John Ortberg | 12/18/2003

Make Devoted Disciples
How to be an effective mentor.
Erik Johnson | 04/01/2000

 Displaying 1 - 105 of 105 matches.Page: 1 

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