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Prosperity Theology
Jesus' gospel is a far cry from health and wealth.
David Jeremiah | posted 3/06/2012
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We are all familiar with Muzak, or "elevator music"—the ubiquitous background music that plays in elevators, shopping malls, department stores, airports, and other venues. Muzak may be the reason a song sometimes pops unbidden into your consciousness. Because elevator music is always there, we pay little conscious attention to it, yet our subconscious minds are taking it all in.

Cultural messages can be like this background music—always on, always being absorbed into the brain, consciously or not. And religious messages—including messages about Jesus Christ—are part of that background cultural noise. If you search using the key word Jesus, you'll find there are approximately 2.7 million videos on the subject. Many are devoted to Bible teaching, worship, or honoring Jesus in some way. But many ridicule and abase him.

Apparently, Jesus is a popular subject today. But is the Jesus we see on television, at the movies, and over the Internet the real Jesus? If we are not careful, those messages, like a song subconsciously absorbed in an elevator, will become part of our lives, part of our thinking, part of our beliefs. If what the New Testament says about Jesus is true, these cultural images can be deadly. That means nothing could be more important than separating fact from fiction as we encounter these alternative, ridiculing, or demeaning portrayals of the God who came to redeem the human race.

Excerpted from I Never Thought I'd See the Day by David Jeremiah, which can be ordered through

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