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Marriage and Family
Whether you're currently married, or thinking about getting married, the Bible has answers for a successful marriage and family life. These questions and answers offer practical help for men and women as they forge new family units with Christ at the center.
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Personal Concerns
The Bible makes it clear that God cares not only about people in general but about you personally—what makes you laugh and cry, what you fear, and what you dream about. And he provides answers to those inner questions you'd never voice to anybody else. So treat the Bible as your personal counselor—its wisdom will assure you of God's love for you and help you become a better person.
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Spiritual Life
If we're honest, all of us ask spiritual questions at some point of crisis or depression. So if you have questions, ask God. He can take it. He won't zap you with a lightning bolt for questioning your relationship with him or how the whole "Christianity thing" works. The Bible is filled with straight-talk about God, how he feels about you, and how he wants you to relate to him.
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Are you searching for a deeper relationship with God? Do you have questions about God that you can't get past? Here are answers to some of the most popular and provocative questions asked by contemporary Bible readers about God.
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