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Personal Concerns

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Why does it seem that sometimes my prayers go unanswered?
Anne Peterson

How should Christians understand the "food movement"?
Brandon J. O'Brien

Is there ever a time when we should ask someone in our small group to leave?
JoHannah Reardon

What does it mean to set ministry boundaries?
JoHannah Reardon

How can I overcome my tendency to worry and instead gain confidence about the future?
the editors at

How should Christians think about film and television?
Sam O'Neal

How can we embrace our weaknesses?
Sara Bentley

What is the Christian perspective on war?
Phillip Jensen

How should Christians engage attacks from popular culture?
Christopher B. Hays

How should we treat those who are gay?
JoHannah Reardon

Does how I treat my body really matter to God?
LaTonya Taylor

Why do I still feel stuck, even though I confessed my sin?
Frederica Mathewes-Green

Should I accept my disability, or seek treatment for it?
Ellen Painter Dollar

The Bible says drunkenness is a sin (Galatians 5:21). But is occasional social drinking okay for Christians?
Answer by J. Lawrence Burkholde

How can we be thankful when times are tough?
Keri Wyatt Kent

How can I handle discouragement and fear?
John Ortberg

How can I reach out to others when I'm an introvert and would rather be alone?
JoHannah Reardon

What are the signs of abuse we should look for in a woman's life?
Corrie Cutrer

How do I know God's will?
Answers gathered from various experts

How can we in the church prevent volunteer burnout?
Robert Morgan

Can I forgive those who have betrayed me if they are not repentant?
R.T. Kendall

How do I witness to my Hindu friend?
We might need to do more listening than talking.
Janine Petry

Confronting Sin Versus a Critical Spirit
There is a fine line between helping and criticizing
Lisa Harper

How can I figure out what God wants me to do with my life?
Answer by Nancy Ortberg

Does the command about not taking God's name in vain include swearing?
Answer by Lisa Harper

 Displaying 1 - 25 of 25 matches.Page: 1 

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