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to Other Bible Studies is unique! The one-of-a-kind Bible studies save you and your church money:

• You don't have to pay separately for a Leader's Guide or student handouts. Everything you need is included in one download and can be prepared in minutes.
• You only pay for one copy and have full permission to make copies for your group. Don't worry about buying enough copies of a book for everyone. Don't hassle with trying to get reimbursed from each group member.

ChristianBibleStudies.comPer Individual StudyMultiply # of weeksTotal

Example #1:

For a 6-week study with a group of 6 students, here's the breakdown:

$4.95 per study x 6 weeks = $29.70

Popular Bible Study #1

$6.99 per book x 6 books = $41.94

Savings of 29% with

Example #2:

For a quarterly study (13-weeks) with a group of 12 students, here's the breakdown:

$4.95 per study x 13 weeks = $64.35

Popular Bible Study #2

$7.99 per book x 12 books = $95.88

Savings of 33% with

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