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Welcome to our Web quizzes! Every month we will be adding a new quiz for you to test your Bible knowledge. Occasionally we will include quizzes on Christian books or hot topics as well. Feel free to take our quizzes for your own enjoyment, or to pass the link on to your small group, Sunday school class, or to your friends and family. When your score is revealed, each of the quizzes will recommend a Bible study or resource that will further enhance your knowledge of the subject at hand.

What Do You Know About Thanksgiving?
Do you think you know a lot about the origins of Thanksgiving? Take our quiz to find out.

Bible Couples
Can you match these biblical couples?

What do you know about storms in the Bible?
As winter storms blow, we are reminded that it is God who "spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes" (Ps. 147:16). The Bible tells of times that God used weather and other forces of nature to accomplish his purposes, in blessing and in judgment. Test your knowledge of these forces of nature that are found in Scripture. The questions get increasingly more difficult as you go along.

What's in a Name?
Names in the Bible often have significance, telling us something about the person's attributes or circumstances. Several people in the Bible were given new names, usually after they or their situations changed. Test your knowledge of these famous biblical name changes.

The History of Christmas
What is the history behind all those popular rituals, carols, treats, and traditions? Take this quiz, then learn more about Christmas through our Advent Bible studies.

Days of Celebration
Throughout his life, Jesus faithfully celebrated all of the Old Testament Jewish festivals (see Lev. 23). Like our Christian holidays, these feasts recalled God's saving acts and providence. Match the description to the correct Jewish festival below. (Note: Not all of the names listed are actual Jewish festivals.)

A Turn of Phrase
Many modern-day phrases are direct or slightly modified quotations from the Bible. But some familiar sayings are assumed to be biblical when they actually are not. Can you detect the true biblical phrases from the false ones?

The Bible Out Loud
In Old Testament times, the Bible had to be read in public because most people couldn't read and the sacred scrolls were scarce. How well do you know the details of these occasions when the Scriptures were read aloud?

Do You Know the Prophecies Surrounding Easter?
Many of the detailed events surrounding the Easter story were prophesied centuries earlier in the Old Testament. Can you make the Old and New Testament connections?

Don't Miss the Boat
Try this quiz to find out how much you know about boats and ships in the Bible.

Giants and junipers! It's a Prince Caspian Quiz!
Test your knowledge of C.S. Lewis' Prince Caspian with this new quiz from

In Praise of Parents
With Mother's Day and Father's Day fresh in our minds, we pay respect to the divine commandment "Honor your father and your mother." Rightly so, for parenting is no easy task, and parents who are really good at it deserve the highest praise. While the Bible presents us with an assortment of people who fared rather badly at parenting (including King David), it also gives us examples of wise and compassionate parents, as well as a ton of useful advice. So open up your mind to some needed inspiration as you work through these questions about biblical moms and dads.

It's Greek to Me
Many words have come into the English language through the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek. Test your "root" knowledge with these Greek/English words.

What a Scorcher!
Summer is the season of vacations, long lazy days, and fun in the sun. But it's also the season of heat, humidity, and heavy perspiring. If it's any consolation, remember that the people in Bible days couldn't escape to air-conditioned comfort, nor even count on a steady supply of water to quench their thirst. So, pour yourself an icy drink and dig into these questions about the scorching effects of hot weather.

What Do You Know About Lent?
Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the origins of Lent.

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