Men of Integrity

Men of Integrity Issue: Resistance TrainingHow can the men in your church continue growing in their faith? By consistently spending time in God's word!

Men of Integrity encourages men to seek God every day through daily devotions written by men for men. Each day includes a passage of scripture and an inspirational message from Christian leaders including Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans and many others. The men in your church will be challenged toward spiritual growth every day of the year!

Men of Integrity works great for your Bible study groups, too. The men will develop a sense of fellowship and unity as they read, study, and pray over the same theme each week.

How does this program work?

  • As a church group subscriber, order as many copies of Men of Integrity as you think you'll need (minimum of 10).
  • Distribute the issues to your men's groups, or display them in your church and sell them at a specially discounted price.
  • You'll be billed for the number of copies you order. Return your invoice and payment within 30 days. You may change your order or cancel at any time.
Want to use Men of Integrity as a tool for spiritual growth in your church?

Yes! Sign me up today!Maybe, contact me with more information.