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Christian History Home > 1985 > Issue 6 > The Baptists: Christian History Timeline

The Baptists: Christian History Timeline
posted 4/01/1985 12:00AM

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1609 John Smyth dialogues with the Waterlander Mennonites and baptizes himself and forty others by affusion

1612 Thomas Helwys, formerly of Smyth’s congregation, returns to England and forms the first General Baptist church. His classic, A Short Declaration of the Mistery of Iniquity, is the first claim for freedom of worship in the English language

1633 John Spilsbury organizes the first “particular” Baptist church in London

1639 Baptists persuade Roger Williams and Ezekial Holliman to accept their view of the church, and thus the first Baptist congregation in America is formed, in Providence, Rhode Island

1644 Seven English churches draw up the First London Confession to distinguish themselves from Anabaptists and General Baptists

1648 George Fox founds Society of Friends

1653 First meeting of the General Assembly of General Baptists at London. Baptists are prominent in Parliament and Cromwell’s New Model Army

1654 Henry Dunster, first president of Harvard College, is forced to resign his of office because he accepted Baptist views

1661 Members of the Seventh Day Baptist congregation at Bull-Stake-Alley in London are jailed at Newgate Prison and their pastor, John James, is hung, drawn, and quartered

1661–1664 Parliament passes a series of acts that exclude Baptists and other Nonconformists from holding public offices, forcing them out of schools and penalizing them for not attending Anglican services and for preaching without a license

1663 John Myles, founder of the first Baptist church in Wales, persuades most of his congregation to emigrate to the colonies, and they settle at Swansea, Massachusetts

1665 Thomas Goold refuses to allow his children to be baptizd in the Puritan church and is banished from the colony. Later in the year he helps to organize the first Baptist church in Boston

1677 English Particular Baptists write the Second London Confession to show their agreement with the Westminster Confession on most points except baptism

1678 The first Baptist meetinghouse in the colonies is raised in Boston

1678 English General Baptists produce the Orthodox Creed that seeks to unite all Protestants against the Catholic tendencies of King Charles II

1689 Catholics barred from the throne in England

1690 General Six Principle Baptists, who practice the laying on of hands, organize the first Baptist association in America in the environs of Providence, Rhode Island

1702 Baptists in colonial Carolina send seven pounds, 12 shillings to the English General Baptists for either a minister or books.

1707 Baptist congregations in Pennsylvania and the Jerseys unite to form a regular associatio

Politics / Discovery

1600 Wigs and dress trains come into fashion

1603 James I succeeds Elizabeth I of England;

1603 Plague in England

1605King Lear and Macbeth by Shakespeare (This is his most productive decade)

1607 Union of England and Scotland rejected by English Parliament;

1607 Founding of Jamestown, Va.

1608 First checks—“cash letters”—used in Netherlands

1609 German astronomer Johannes Kepler publishes his first two laws of planetary motion

1609 Tea from China first shipped to Europe

1610 Henry Hudson discovers Hudson Bay

1612 Tobacco first planted in Virginia

1618 Outbreak of Thirty Years War between Catholics and Protestants; conflict in Europe until 1648

1619 First Negro slaves in North America

1621 Potatoes first planted in Germany

1622 Jan.1 adopted as beginning of year by Papal chancellery (previously Mar. 25)

1623 Patent law protects inventors in England

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