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Issue 8

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening: From the Publisher

Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening: Did You Know?

Excerpts from the Life of Jonathan Edwards

Colonial New England: An Old Order, New Awakening

Jonathan Edwards: A Gallery of Friends, Foes & Followers

My Dear Companion

Edwards' Theology
Puritanism Meets a New Age

Jonathan Edward's World: Christian History Timeline

The Puritans and Edwards
The American Vision of a Covenant People

Jonathan Edwards Speaks to Our Technological Age

From the Archives: Extracts from Two Sermons by Edwards

From the Archives: The Earliest Known Letter of Jonathan Edwards
This letter was written by the twelve-year-old Jonathan Edwards to his sister Mary on May 10, 1716.

Jonathan Edwards: Recommended Resources
Edwards' Works:

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