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Christian History Home > 1990 > Issue 27 > Persecution in the Early Church: A Christian History Timeline

Persecution in the Early Church: A Christian History Timeline
posted 7/01/1990 12:00AM

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212 Roman citizenship extended to every freeborn person

216 Mani, the founder of Manichaeism, a non-Christian sect, born of

230 First Persian War (further wars in 243–44, 254)

232 First known house-churches built

248 Goths attack Rome

259 Shapur I of Persia captures Valerian in battle

268 Goths sack Athens, Corinth, and Sparta

270 Saint Antony, monastic pioneer, seeks solitude in Egyptian desert

285 Roman Empire divided into western and eastern empires

293–303 Emperor Diocletian creates administrative Tetrarchy; reforms army, currency, and taxatation; establishes price controls

311 Eusebius writes Ecclesiastical History

314 Constantine summons Council of Arles to deal with Donatist schism; Lactantius writes On the Death of the Persecutors

318 Arian controversy begins

325 Constantine summons First Council of Nicea to deal with Arian question

328 Athanasius, defender of orthodoxy, elected bishop of Alexandria

330 Constantinople dedicated as Empire’s new seat

337 Constantine baptized shortly before death

Key Roman Emperors

31 B.C.–A.D. 14 Augustus

14–37 Tiberius

41–54 Claudius

54–68 Nero

69–79 Vespasian

81–96 Domitian

98–117 Trajan

117–38 Hadrian

138–61 Antoninus Pius

161–80 Marcus Aurelius

180–92 Commodus

193–211 Septimius Severus

211–17 Caracalla

222–35 Severus Alexander

235–38 Maximin Thrax

249–51 Decius

253–60 Valerian


Diocletian (284–305)
Maximian (286–305, 307–308)
Constatntius I (Aug. 305–306)
Galerius (Aug. 305–311]

284–305 Diocletian

286–305, 307–308 Maximian

305–306 Constantius I

305–311 Galerius

306–312 Maxentius

306–337 Constantine I "the Great"

308–324 Licinius

310–313 Maximinus II Daia

Primary sources for timeline are The Rise of Christianity, by W. H. C. Frend (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1984); The Triumph of the Meek by Michael Walsh (London: Roxby, 1986); A History of Christianity, edited by Ray C. Petry (Englewood Cliffs,

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