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Issue 61

A History of the Second Coming: Did You Know? - Hall of Infamy
Hall of Antichrists: Nine (of many) who were thought to be forbearers of the End

A History of the Second Coming: From the Editor - Sliver in a Forest

Historic Premillennialism: Taking the Long View
Most early Christian thinkers weren't troubled by the delay of Jesus' return. They were troubled by those who thought he was coming soon.

Amillennialism: Millennium Today
Augustine changed his mind—and that of the church in the West for the Next 1,500 years.

Medieval Apocalypticism: Looking for the Last Emperor
The late Middle Ages was no tranquil era of religious harmony, but a hotbed of dissent and extreme speculation.

Columbus's Millennial Voyage
The famous explorer was driven across the Atlantic by more than a quest for gold and glory.

Reformation Amillennialism: Salvation Now, Salvation Forever
Luther and Calvin challenged the Catholic church on many key teachings—but not on the doctrine of last things.

Reformation Apocalypticism: Münster's Monster
What began as prophetic fervor ended in dictatorship and blood.

American Postmillennialism: Seeing the Glory
American Christians like Jonathan Edwards were optimistic about the end.

American Adventism: The Great Disappointment
When a New York farmer announced the date of Christ's return, thousands believed him.

Dispensational Premillennialism: The Dispensationalist Era
How a once-mocked idea began its domination of the evangelical world.

Pentecostal Millennialism: The Second Comers
At first, the gift of tongues meant one thing: Jesus was returning soon.

Recent Premillennialism: Late Great Predictions
The events of recent decades have fired the imagination of a host of premillennialist, especially Hal Lindsey.

Judgment Day on the Big Screen
The end of the world according to filmmakers.

A History of the Second Coming: Christian History Interview - Hope Beyond the Details
Christians have hardly agreed about how and when Christ will return—only that he will.

A History of the Second Coming: Recommended Resources - The End of the World As We Know It

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