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Issue 63

Conversion of the Vikings: Did You Know?
Fascinating and little-known facts about the Vikings and their times.

Conversion of the Vikings: From the Editors - A Living Conversion Story

End of the Known World

Norway Part 1: 'Be Christian or Die'
When it comes to conversion by the sword, few can match the ruthless exploits of King Olaf Trygvesson.

Norway Part 2: Dead Man Converting
King Olaf Haraldsson had only moderate success at converting his people—until a year after he was killed in battle.

Why Trust the White Christ?
Besides spiritual solace, Vikings were attracted by Christianity's tangible blessings.

The Dead Still Speak
What runestones and graveyards reveal about the Vikings' conversion process

The Conversion of Scandinavia: Christian History Timeline
A Christian History timeline

Denmark: Planting the Seed
How missionaries' modest beginnings eventually bore fruit in Denmark

Conversion of the Vikings: The Gallery - Power Evangelism Checked
The stories of three Viking rulers and their encounters with Christianity.

Sweden: Faith Without the Fireworks
The conversion of Sweden is unspectacular—and for that reason most illuminating.

Greenland: Father-Son Saga
The story of Erik the Red, his son Leif (the famous explorer) and the most misnamed of Viking Islands

Iceland: Althings Work to the Good
At a legislative Althing, a pagan judge prevented civil war in iceland by converting everyone to Christianity.

Conversion of the Vikings: Christian History Interview - Converting By the Sword
Why Christians used it, why it worked, and why it died.

Conversion of the Vikings: Recommended Resources
Conversion of the Vikings

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