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Issue 64

Antony and the Desert Fathers: Did You Know?
Spiritual Wisdom of the Desert Fathers

Antony and the Desert Fathers: From the Editors - Models or Kooks?
The questions that hover in the background of this issue are as pressing as ever.

The Best There Ever Was
Modern Christian hermits still look to him for inspiration, as did the entire Middle Ages, but today we hardly know him. What did the illiterate recluse, known as Antony of the Desert, do to earn such adulation?

The Life Changing "Life of Antony"
Athanasius's biography was not only a bestseller in its day, but a book that made people stop and think—and act.

Exorcizing the Desert
The stories of desert fathers' skirmishes with demons pointed to a larger struggle—and victory.

Alone in the Desert?
Why thousands of early Christians took up the monastic way.

Diet For a Large Soul
What monks meant by fasting, and what they ate when they didn't.

Antony and the Desert Fathers: Christian History Timeline
A Christian History Timeline

Ascetic Agitators
The early monks not only prayed in the desert but sometimes rioted in the cities.

Wordly Monk
Jerome was a disciplined ascetic who was on top of current affairs.

Holy Land
Sabas just wanted to pray where Christ had lived and died but ended up establishing the most famous monastery in the Judean Desert.

Antony and the Desert Fathers: The Gallery - Getting Their Act Together
Monasticism was more or less a solitary affair until these four came along and taught monks how to live in community.

Spiritual Pragmatists
For the desert fathers, theology was not the study of God but the study of how to become like God.

Antony and the Desert Fathers: Christian History Interview - Discovering the Desert Paradox
What many found when they sought God in a seemingly God-forsaken landscape.

Antony and the Desert Fathers: Recommended Resources
Antony and the Desert Fathers

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