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Issue 65

The Ten Most Influential Christians of the Twentieth Century: From the Editor - The Long and the Short of Lists

The Ten Most Influential Christians of the Twentieth Century: Introductory Timeline - Visionary Years
It was an ambitious and sometimes tragic century in which Christians lived out the gospel.

Evangelicalism: Billy Graham
As an evangelist he has preached to millions; as an evangelical he put a movement on the map.

Pentecostalism: William Seymour
What scoffers viewed as a weird babble of tongues became a world phenomenon after his Los Angeles revival.

Ministries of Mercy: Mother Teresa
She stirred a generation by touching the untouchables.

Neo-Orthodoxy: Karl Barth
He revived orthodoxy when mere moralism and humanism had seemingly won over the theological world.

Apologetics: C.S. Lewis
The atheist scholar who became an Anglican, an apologist, and a patron saint of Christians everywhere.

Roman Catholic Reform: John XXIII
Elected to be a caretaker pope, he decided instead to revolutionize Catholicism.

Literature of Protest: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
The high school physics-teacher-turned-novelist whose writings shook an empire

Globalism: John Paul II
In issuing more significant encyclicals and visiting more nations than any other pope, he's shown that Christianity remains a world force.

Missions and Ecumenism: John R. Mott
Evangelist and ecumenist

Martin Luther King, Jr.
No Christian played a more prominent role in the 20th century's most significant social justice movement.

Third World: Rumblings to the South
In Africa and elsewhere, third-world Christians are shaking society.

Survey Results: What Do You Think?
How our scholars and general readers voted in the Most Influential Christians of the Century survey.

The Ten Most Influential Christians of the Twentieth Century: Recommended Resources

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