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Issue 70

Dante and the Divine Comedy: Did You Know?
What a famous painting suggests about Dante's life, legend, and legacy.

Dante and the Divine Comedy: From the Editors - How Not to Read Dante
American literary education absolutely mangles the Divine Comedy.

A Polysemantic Country Song?
If you still can't grasp what Dante meant to say in the Comedy, this may (or may not) help.

Divine Imagination
By describing a pilgrimage through the realms of death, Dante shares his vision of how Christians should live.

The Rest of the Stories
Dante's other books further illuminate his medieval mindset and shed light on the Comedy.

I Still Don't Know How He Does It
Dorothy Sayers discovers Dante.

A Poet Without Honor
Banished from his hometown, Dante became lonely, bitter, and inspired.

Dante in Love
The poet's feelings for Beatrice far exceeded a childhood crush.

A Cathedral of Ideas
From elements of many traditions, Dante fashioned a towering new theology.

Dante's Turbulent World: Christian History Timeline
CH Timeline

The Root of All Kinds of Evil
The Inferno is crammed with greedy Florentines receiving their due.

The Pilgrim's Way
The dream of reaching heaven by visiting holy sites inspired millions of medieval Christians—including Dante.

Dante's Guide to Heaven and Hell: The Gallery - Walk of Fame
Star sightings in the Comedy highlight Dante's religious and political views.

Goodness, Gracious(ness), Great Balls of Fire
Visions of eternity just aren't what they used to be.

What About Purgatory?
The doctrinal grounding of Dante's mysterious mountain.

Dante's Guide to Heaven and Hell: Christian History Interview - Classics of Common Memory
Why Dante's medieval masterwork continues to thrive in translation.

Dante and the Divine Comedy: Recommended Resources
Dante and the Divine Comedy

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