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Issue 80

Resources: Reading over the Fathers’ Shoulders
Here are several good guides to early exegesis, along with some of the best editions of the early interpreters’ own writings.

Early Voices on Bible Study
The Church Fathers faced two big questions: “What is Scripture?” and “How should we read it?”

The First Bible Teachers: Christian History Timeline
Traditions in Bible Reading

Midwife of the Christian Bible
Irenaeus identified the books of the New Testament, then showed the church how they fit with the Old.

The First Bible Teachers: Did You Know?
Interesting and unusual facts about the church's first Bible interpreters

The First Bible Teachers: From The Editor - The Founding Fathers We Never Knew
Chris Armstrong

The Habits of Highly Effective Bible Readers
What we can learn from the church fathers that will enrich our own Bible study.

Why the Reformers Read the Fathers

The First Battle For the Bible
A century after Christ's death, a literalist and a spiritualizer forced the church to choose how it would read the Scriptures it inherited from the Jews

Origen: Friend or Foe?
By turns bizarre and insightful, Origen's allegorical forays remain fascinating reading today.

Too Racy for Bible Study
Origen could not believe the Song of Songs was a hymn to erotic love. So what did it mean?

Opponents of Allegory
The scholars at Antioch rejected allegory in favor of history. But their interpretive method led some into heresy.

Scripture Saturation
To achieve holiness, believed the early monks, you must soak in the moral sense of the Word.

Origen's Monastic Legacy

Three Wise Men from the East
The Cappadocian Fathers brought the best gift of all: a powerful scriptural defense of the Trinity and Christ's divinity against the Arian heretics.

Classical Ear-Training
What the church fathers heard in Homer and Virgil tuned them to the harmonies of Scripture

Augustine's Key
The West's foremost theologian offered a single principle by which even the unlearned could unlock Scripture's meaning.

Augustine vs. Literalism
Why he was so fond of spiritual Scripture interpretation

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