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Pilgrims and Exiles: Christian History Timeline
Amish, Mennonites, and Brethren

John Newton: From the Editor - New life-and a "new" magazine

The spark that lit the Welsh revival

The American Anthem
How Amazing Grace went from ignored in Britain to acclaimed in America

David Brainerd: I could scarce believe he used me.

Pilgrims and Exiles: Did You Know?
Interesting and unusual facts about America's Anabaptists

Shaken Up by the Peace-Lovers
A trip through Pennsylvania's Lancaster County.

Living History
Monastery in a war zone, affluent Essenes, and Luther's loo

David Brainerd: I could scarce believe he used me.

Was King Arthur really a Pelagian?

A People of Conscience
How America's plain people first arose in Europe as a discipleship movement repressed by the state church.

The Germans Have Landed
Once William Penn welcomed the freedom-seeking Anabaptists to his colony, they spread and flourished.

Outsider's Guide to America's Anabaptists
Making sense of the colorful, complex tapestry of Amish, Mennonites, and Brethren.

Pure & Simple
Ever wonder what the plain people's churches look and feel like? Here's an insider account.

Holy Ground
One of the most visible practices among the American Anabaptists, the Brethren love feast exemplifies humility and community.

Be Not Conformed
Why have American Anabaptists lived in protest against the modern world?

From Mutual Aid to Global Action
How the Anabaptist emphasis on practical acts of love led a tightly knit enclave to reach out to the world.

Negotiating with the Modern World
In the late 19th and early 20th century, modernity caught up with the Anabaptists.

Pilgrims and Exiles: Recommended Resources
More Anabaptist insider information

Bride of the Reformation

Grace at the negotiating table

Mary: Did You Know?
The Seven Joys of Mary

Mary: From the Editor
Mary and the Flabbergasting Fact

A Kinder Inquisition, Name That Tomb, and Chunky Monks

Recovering a Protestant Mary
A conversation with Timothy George

Hail Mary
Her moment of obedience triggered two millennia of reverence.

That Most Familiar Story
How certain details of the nativity became tradition.

Mary & Her Baby: Luther's View
The Reformer loved to dwell on the nativity. Here are a few of his thoughts.

Mary in the Imagination of the Church

Temple & Sword
At the temple, long before the cross, her son's cruel death pierced Mary.

The Hidden Years
What did Mary do during the youth and ministry of her son?

Mary at the Cross
From three little verses in John has come a rich tradition of song and art.

The Queen Mother?
John seems to tap a Hebrew political tradition to show Mary in an exalted role.

Mary: Recommended Resources
A few good places for Protestants to explore the church's thought on the mother of our Lord.

People Worth Knowing
Discovering devotional masters

Turning Point
The Day God Settled the Bible Question for Billy Graham

The Doctor Who Followed Jesus to Africa

Phoebe Palmer: Did You Know?
Interesting facts about the American Holiness revival

Phoebe Palmer: From the Editor
Phoebe Who?

Living History
From fire on Mount Athos to Saxon king crosses

Did you know men slept on the Bridges?

The Da Vinci Code, Corrected
Why the lost gospels were really lost

Holiness Fire-Starter
Transformed by her child's fiery death, Phoebe Palmer lit the flames of revival on two continents.

The Cleansing Wave
The 19th-century holiness revival took many forms as it swept across denominational boundaries.

The Holiness Movement Timeline

Saving Souls & Bodies
Contrary to stereotype, the joy of the holiness life often spilled over into social ministry.

The Lord's Agitators
Holiness leaders were a fractious bunch, but there was vision behind their division.

I received my commission from Him, brother
How women preachers built up the holiness movement

The Quest
Christians have long desired to live lives unmarred by sin—and have walked many roads on the quest.

1854: Three Voices Wake a Sleeping Church

Innocent's Corrupted Crusade
Good intentions couldn't stop Innocent III's crusade from going horribly wrong.

Changed Lives
How I entered George MacDonald's world

All of Christian History in 6 Hours
This audio tour de force is strong meat for a mature Christian audience.

John Newton: Did You Know?
Interesting and unusual facts about John Newton's life and times

Living History
From Bede's world to Whitefield's thumb

Wesley's word to a condemned malefactor.

Story Behind
The original Christian bumper sticker

The Amazingly Graced Life of John Newton
His was a tale of two lives, with God at the pivot point.

The Life and Times of John Newton 1725-1807

Forging Britain's Gospel Era
Newton joined those who laid the groundwork for British evangelicalism—from within the Established Church.

The Captain & the Castaway
The tempest-tossed friendship of John Newton and William Cowper

Pastor to the Nation
Newton responded to thousands of requests for spiritual counsel with letters advising the lowly and the great.

Not a Synod but a Salon
The evangelical underground plotted England's and the world's salvation at a London pub.

People Worth Knowing
No Little Women here

Turning Point: Luther's Lost Opportunity
At Marburg, the last hope of a united Protestantism ran aground on the Last Supper.

I am a "Sim"

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