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Christian History Home > 2004 > Issue 81

Issue 81

John Newton: From the Editor - New life-and a "new" magazine

The American Anthem
How Amazing Grace went from ignored in Britain to acclaimed in America

John Newton: Did You Know?
Interesting and unusual facts about John Newton's life and times

Living History
From Bede's world to Whitefield's thumb

Wesley's word to a condemned malefactor.

Story Behind
The original Christian bumper sticker

The Amazingly Graced Life of John Newton
His was a tale of two lives, with God at the pivot point.

The Life and Times of John Newton 1725-1807

Forging Britain's Gospel Era
Newton joined those who laid the groundwork for British evangelicalism—from within the Established Church.

The Captain & the Castaway
The tempest-tossed friendship of John Newton and William Cowper

Pastor to the Nation
Newton responded to thousands of requests for spiritual counsel with letters advising the lowly and the great.

Not a Synod but a Salon
The evangelical underground plotted England's and the world's salvation at a London pub.

People Worth Knowing
No Little Women here

Turning Point: Luther's Lost Opportunity
At Marburg, the last hope of a united Protestantism ran aground on the Last Supper.

I am a "Sim"

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