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Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert
When did the cross supplant the ichthus (fish) as a symbol of the Christian faith?

Ask The Expert
Why and when did Christians start constructing special buildings for worship?

In what way are the early church councils "authoritative" for Eastern Orthodox Christians? Do the decisions of these councils have the same status as Scripture? Would the Eastern Orthodox reject the Protestant idea of Sola Scriptura?

What do Protestant churches mean when they recite "I believe in the holy catholic church" and "the communion of saints" in the Apostles' Creed?
For Protestants, these phrases can evoke unity and community.

When did Sunday Schools start?
For a long time, they were the only way working-class families could receive an education.

How do we know 10 of the disciples were martyred?

What does history say about the first Christians of Africa?

What is the origin of the anchor as a Christian symbol, and why do we no longer use it?
CH editors answer your questions

What is the origin of the Christian fish symbol?

What part did Pope John Paul II play in opposing Communism in Eastern Europe?

When did churches start using instrumental music?

Was the phrase "he descended into hell" always part of the Apostles' Creed, or was it introduced later? And how have Christians interpreted it over time?
CH editors answer your questions.

When and why did the custom of conducting altar calls begin?
Steven Gertz answers your questions

Are there any written reports of Jesus in the Roman or Hebrew literature of his time?

What is the pre-Christian history of the baptismal ceremony?

When was it decided that a pope should take a new name?

Why are there female angels in art?

Why are Protestant and Catholic Bibles different?

Do you know the history of the Christian flag?

Where did evangelical objections to smoking and drinking come from?

Why did early Christians shun high office?

What did the reformers think about the Eastern Orthodox Church?

When did the Christian church switch the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?

Where did small groups start?

When did Christianity reach the British Isles, and how did it get there?
Steven Gertz answers your questions

Considering we have so many denominations now, isn't Christian unity an impossibility?

Did early Christians dance in church?

If the Roman Catholic Church is the first and original Christian Church, when did the Eastern Orthodox Church begin?

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