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From Jesus to Mary and Back Again: The History of the Annunciation
The surprising reason it falls during Lent, and why it has been important for fighting heresy and abortion.
The Spreading Flame
Pentecostal Scholarship Goes Global
Men Behaving Badly
Randall Balmer recounts The Making of Evangelicalism.
God Bless Texas?
All sides of a recent textbook battle are right, and wrong, about religion in American history.
Antony, Icon of Interfaith Tolerance
The headscratching headlines about the restoration of the world's oldest monastery.
The First Evangelical Magazine
Before there was Christian History, there was Christian History.
Her God Was "Like a Tiger"
Dorothy Sayers rediscovered the gripping drama of Christian doctrine.
Haiti: A Brief Religious History
Nothing has ever been easy for this once-lush island nation.
Remembering Our Roots
Thomas Kidd tells the story of a Great Awakening.
Sasquatches, Unicorns, and . . . the History Assignment that Works
I’ve been teaching church history at Bethel Seminary for five years, and I think I’ve finally found one of these mythical creatures.
Campus of Moody’s School for Poor Girls Resurrected as Christian College
Hobby Lobby retail chain donates defunct Massachusetts campus to proposed C. S. Lewis College.
Oberman Is Over-Hard
And other lessons from my first semester teaching church history.
Top(?) Ten Christian History News Stories of 2009
A preliminary list.
Forgotten 'Father of Biblical Science'
Moses Stuart pioneered modern biblical study in America.
Evangelicals at a Crossroad: A Dialogue
Three Bethel University professors discuss the historic significance and present health of evangelicalism.
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