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Early Modern

Past Magazine Issues

The Gospel According to J.S. Bach

Michelangelo: Art for Faith’s Sake

Richard Baxter & the English Puritans

Pilgrims & Exiles: Amish, Mennonites, & Brethren

John Newton: Author of “Amazing Grace”

Jonathon Edwards: Puritan Pastor & Theologian

The Christian Face of the Scientific Revolution

The French Huguenots and the Wars of Religion

The Wesleys: Founders of Methodism

William Wilberforce: Fighting the Slave Trade

Christianity & the American Revolution

Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation

John Knox & the Scottish Reformation

The American Puritans

Martin Luther: The Later Years

George Whitefield: 17th c. Preacher & Revivalist

Columbus & Christianity in the Americas

Martin Luther: The Reformer’s Early Years

Golden Age of Hymns

Spiritual Awakenings in North America

Casper Schwenckfeld: Forgotten Reformer

William Tyndale: Early Reformer & Bible Translator

Jan Amos Comenius: Father of Modern Education

John Calvin: Reformer, Pastor, Theologian

John Bunyan & Pilgrim's Progress

Pietism: The Inner Experience of Faith

Jonathan Edwards & the Great Awakening

The Baptists

Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists

Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation

John Wesley: Leader of the Methodist Movement

Zinzendorf & the Moravians

Web Articles

John Foxe
Pious humanist who sparked the Reformation
Henry VIII
Defender of the faith
John Knox
Presbyterian with a sword
Brother Lawrence
Practitioner of God's presence
John of the Cross
Spanish mystic of the soul's dark night
William Law
Champion of the serious, devout, and holy life
Standing Alone for Unity
The attempt to bring European Christians together forced one reformer, Caspar Schwenckfeld, straight to the fringe.
What Luther Said
When Martin Luther stood up for his ideas at the Diet of Worms, did he really say, "Here I stand"?
Eyewitness to a Massacre
The bloodbath that started on August 24, 1572, left thousands of corpses and dozens of disturbing questions.
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