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Middle Ages

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The Holy Land

St. Benedict & Western Monasticism

How We Got Our History

Dante's Guide to Heaven and Hell

Jan Hus: Incendiary Preacher of Prague

How the Vikings Took up the Faith

How the Irish Were Saved

Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages

St. Francis of Assisi

The Crusades

Women in the Medieval Church

Bernard of Clairvaux, Medieval Reformer and Mystic

Waldensians: Medieval “Evangelicals”

How Christianity Came To Russia

John Wycliffe: Bible Translator

Web Articles

Louis IX
Saintly king of France
Innocent III
Warring "Vicar of Christ"
Gregory the Great
"Servant of the Servants of God"
Christian ruler of a "holy" empire
Bernard of Clairvaux
Medieval reformer and mystic
Antony of Padua
"The hammer of heretics"
Thomas á Kempis
Author of the most popular devotional classic
John Huss
Pre-Reformation Reformer
John Wycliffe
Medieval "protestant"
Justinian I and Theodora I
Greatest Byzantine 5780
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