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Was Easter Borrowed from a Pagan Holiday?
The historical evidence contradicts this popular notion.
The Real St. Patrick

Isaac Watts
Father of English hymnody
T.S. Eliot
Modernist poet

Tattoos of the Cross
During centuries of persecution, Coptic Christians found bold and enduring ways to show their dedication to Christ.
Translating the Gospel in Eastern Europe
Early missionaries Cyril and Methodius gave the Slavic people an alphabet and a chance to worship God in their own language.

Galileo Galilei
Misjudged astronomer
Nicholas Copernicus
Revolutionary astronomer

Charles Spurgeon
Finest nineteenth-century preacher
Charles Simeon
Evangelical Mentor and Model

William Tyndale
Translator of the first English New Testament
The Venerable Bede
Father of English history

Thomas Chalmers
Unrelenting advocate for the poor
John Woolman
Quaker mystic and abolitionist

Harry Emerson Fosdick
Liberalism's popularizer
John Eliot
Apostle to Native Americans

How Will It All End?
Left Behind is neither the first nor the last word on "last things."
The King Is Coming, Eventually
What if you announced the rapture, but God didn't show up?

Phoebe Palmer
Mother of the holiness movement
Joan of Arc
Teenage war hero with visions

Unenthusiastic About Enthusiasm
Modern suspicions about charismatic Christianity trace back to controversies over the French Prophets 300 years ago.
A Pastor's Revolutionary Vision
The name August Hermann Francke may not be widely known today, but this gentle and innovative teacher helped launch the modern wave of Protestant missions, education, and translation.

Richard Allen
Founder of the African Methodist Episcopal church
Harriet Tubman
The "Moses" of Her People

Martin Luther
Passionate reformer
John of Damascus
Image-conscious Arab

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