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Dostoyevsky's Disregarded Prophecy
The famous Russian author shows us what's to fear in a world without God.
The Lord of the Rings, The Passion of the Christ, and the Highway of Holiness
Has God been "re-routing" us through popular movies, books, and cultural events?
Saint J. R. R. the Evangelist
Tolkien wanted his Lord of the Rings to echo the "Lord of Lords"—but do we have ears to hear?
Caveat Gyrator (Elvis Priestly, Part II)
So you've got an evangelistic pop-culture act ready for prime time. Here's a historical pause for reflection.
From Oratorios to Elvis
Pop culture has been coming to a church near you for hundreds of years.
The House That Jack Built
C.S. Lewis and six of his literary friends open their doors to students and researchers at Wheaton College's impressive new Wade Center facility.
Intro to the Inklings
Meet C.S. Lewis's coterie of close friends and sharp critics.
How Not to Read Dante
The Divine Comedy is so much more than the sum of its puzzling images and pesky footnotes.
Singing the Old, Old Story
Today's churches have a wealth of tradition in their hymnals—if only they'd open them.
Image Is Everything
A quick overview of iconoclasm, from the early church to the Taliban.
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