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Missions & World Christianity

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Missionary Tales from the Iraqi Front
The modern Anglican mission to Iraq met with initial success, but its story sounds a cautionary note.
The Congo's African American Livingstone
Not your typical African missionary story.
Legacy of an Ancient Pact
Why do Christians still chafe under restrictions in some Muslim nations? It all started with Umar.
Divvying up the Most Sacred Place
Emotions have historically run high as Christians have staked their claims to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Rivers of Life
In Africa, survival depends on open waterways. Missionary explorer David Livingstone believed that salvation did, too.
Digging in China
Christianity has a long history in China, but much of it lies buried by time, dirt, and false assumptions.
1,700 Years of Faith
Through centuries of warfare and persecution, Armenian Christians have clung to one thing—the oldest national church in the world.
Mutiny and Redemption
The men who seized the Bounty nearly destroyed themselves while trying to create an earthly paradise. Then one of them discovered the Bible.
Soviets, Schism, and Sabotage

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