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The Gnostic Hunger for Secret Knowledge

Building the City of God in a Crumbling World

The Council of Nicaea: Debating Jesus’ Divinity

Mary in the Imagination of the Church

Christians & Muslims

A History of the Second Coming

Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth

Heresy in the Early Church

Money in Christian History, Part II

Money in Christian History

Web Articles

How Will It All End?
Left Behind is neither the first nor the last word on "last things."
The King Is Coming, Eventually
What if you announced the rapture, but God didn't show up?
Between Extremes
Church leaders tried repeatedly to distance themselves from one side of the grace-free will debate, but they usually ended up exactly where they didn't want to be: the middle.
Communion, Continued
Much confusion resulted from (and contributed to) last week's quick overview of a variety of Communion practices. Here's more information on Catholic and Orthodox traditions, as well as other reader feedback.
Divided by Communion
What a church does in remembrance of Christ says a lot about its history and identity.
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