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"He Does Not War"
In the Anabaptist tradition, a Christian must never fight back.

The House That Jack Built
C.S. Lewis and six of his literary friends open their doors to students and researchers at Wheaton College's impressive new Wade Center facility.

Raiders of the Lost R
Documentary on "School" skips religious history, giving a skewed account of American education.

Forget "Normal"
C.S. Lewis's warning against panic during World War II resonates in our new crisis.

Apocalypse Not
As speculations mount regarding the significance of recent events in God's plan for the end of the world, voices from the past urge restraint.

War: A Muslim Perspective
Muslim response to the Crusades showed jihad in action, and while the grievances have changed, the rhetoric still echoes.

Where Are the Women?
The Christian tradition includes few female history-writers but plenty of female history-makers.

Eat, Drink, and Relax
Think the Pilgrims would frown on today's football-tossing, turkey-gobbling Thanksgiving festivities? Maybe not.

God Bless, More or Less
Irving Berlin's anthem captures America.

Rivers of Life
In Africa, survival depends on open waterways. Missionary explorer David Livingstone believed that salvation did, too.

Intro to the Inklings
Meet C.S. Lewis's coterie of close friends and sharp critics.

How Not to Read Dante
The Divine Comedy is so much more than the sum of its puzzling images and pesky footnotes.

If My People Will Pray
Patriotic prayer has a long history in this country, but not quite the type of history the National Day of Prayer Task Force tends to promote

Christian Education for All
Before Sunday school became the instructional hour for believers' children, it was an edgy, faith-based social-service movement in the slums of eighteenth-century England. And the public loved it.

The Sport of Saints?
Long before March Madness, basketball was invented by a man who sought "To win men for the Master through the gym."

Digging in China
Christianity has a long history in China, but much of it lies buried by time, dirt, and false assumptions.

Food for the Soul?
Though Lent is supposed to be about the heart, not the stomach, the season is famous for provoking culinary creativity.

Endangered History
The National Trust's list of imperiled places gives unnoticed gems a chance to shine.

The Communion Test
How a "Humble Inquiry" into the nature of the church cost Jonathan Edwards his job.

If they figured out a way to meet, Bill Hybels and fourth-century preaching star John Chrysostom would have a lot to talk about.

Visiting the Other Side
The Israelites spent time on both sides of the Jordan. Now tourists can, too.

Beyond Pearl Harbor
How God caught up with the man who led Japan's surprise attack.

Deep and Wide
A dive into Reformation imagery yields striking new insights, while a drive-by church history overview largely disappoints.

Shelling the Salvation Army
If William Booth's church could handle sticks and stones in the 1880s, it should withstand the recent barrage of hateful words.

Historical Hogwash
Two books—one new, one newly reissued—debunk false claims about the "real" Jesus.

Ghosts of the Temple
Soon after Jerusalem fell, the Roman Colosseum went up. Coincidence?

1,700 Years of Faith
Through centuries of warfare and persecution, Armenian Christians have clung to one thing—the oldest national church in the world.

This Is Your Life
Evangelicals may not remember their fundamentalist heritage, but that doesn't mean it isn't there—or that it isn't valuable.

Singing the Old, Old Story
Today's churches have a wealth of tradition in their hymnals—if only they'd open them.

The Radical Kirk
The Church of Scotland may be in for some major changes soon—but major change is nothing new for this 450-year-old institution.

Marching to Zion
The origin of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is a story of slow, steady separation.

Innovating with the Flow
By combining some of the best religious ideas of their day into a cohesive movement, John and Charles Wesley became just the pioneers England was looking for.

Dangerous Myth-conceptions
These six claims that undermine the church are so common they seem convincing—until you look at the facts.

Christmas Kettles
The history behind a Yuletide institution.

O, Christmas Tree
A truly "traditional" tree would be unrecognizable–and flammable.

Christmas Countdown
When does the holiday season really start?

Explaining the Ineffable
In Heaven Below, a former Pentecostal argues that his ancestors were neither as outlandish as they seemed nor as otherwordly as they wish to seem.

Eyewitness to a Massacre
The bloodbath that started on August 24, 1572, left thousands of corpses and dozens of disturbing questions.

Communion, Continued
Much confusion resulted from (and contributed to) last week's quick overview of a variety of Communion practices. Here's more information on Catholic and Orthodox traditions, as well as other reader feedback.

Divided by Communion
What a church does in remembrance of Christ says a lot about its history and identity.

Thrills, Chills, Architecture?
The most exciting adventure at St. Paul's Cathedral would be a time-traveling jaunt through its history.

Mutiny and Redemption
The men who seized the Bounty nearly destroyed themselves while trying to create an earthly paradise. Then one of them discovered the Bible.

Book Notes
A quick look at recent history-themed tomes, travel guides, and a timeline.

A Primer on Paul
A new documentary for The History Channel explores the apostle's tumultuous life and fantastic legacy—without skepticism.

Image Is Everything
A quick overview of iconoclasm, from the early church to the Taliban.

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