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The Real St. Patrick

Memorializing the Civil War
Every May we're reminded of the war that split our country, but the Christian stories of that struggle remain buried. Here are some facts you probably didn't know.

Why "Easter"?

The Beginning of Lent

Christmas Traditions
Unearthing the origins of Yuletide customs.

The Real Saint Nicholas
The story of Santa Claus's namesake.

Let Me Count the Days
Cracking the mystery around a popular carol.

Theology in Tune
Christmas carols evoke warm memories, but the concepts they communicate were refined in often fiery debates.

Raising Cane
The origins of the candy cane.

Happy(?) Advent
The time before Christmas hasn't always been a celebration.

Think TV
A PBS special personalizes the questions of God, morality, miracles, and the afterlife in the lives of C. S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud.

Romanticism Gone to Seed—Part II
Have the holiness and Pentecostal movements really been "hyper-vertical" and "anti-domestic"?

The Friends of The Christ of The Passion
Popular interest in the person of Jesus is widening to include his closest friends. But who were these people, really?

The Roots of Pentecostal Scandal: Romanticism Gone to Seed
The sexual stumblings of prominent ministers point to a hidden flaw in Pentecostal spirituality.

Cockroaches and the Nicene Creed
To an accompaniment of whale songs, the worshippers glory in God's creation; there's no service quite like the annual blessing of the animals at St. John the Divine.

Courting the Catholic Voter
A new book tells the fascinating story of how America's Catholics decided past elections.

The Politicians' Patron
As the Roman Catholic "patron saint of politicians," Thomas More is not quite a model for all seasons.

The Vanishing Act of the Church in Turkey
A church worn down by Christian rivalry and Islamic jihad hangs on in the land of Nicea and Ephesus.

Now That You've Got Political Power, What Are You Going to Do with It?
History offers warning and hope for our modern-day Christian populism.

The Lord of the Rings, The Passion of the Christ, and the Highway of Holiness
Has God been "re-routing" us through popular movies, books, and cultural events?

I Was in Prison and You Abused Me
What would Jesus do at Abu Ghraib?

Do Nigerian Miracle Ministries Discredit the Faith?
The spiritual dynamism of West African Christianity is now well known even in the West. Do credulity-stretching, highly publicized miracles discredit what God is doing in that region?

Is Christianity Oppressive to Women?
Sometimes our Christian heritage must be overcome, not celebrated.

"St. Mugg" and the Wrestling Prophets
A modern British journalist gives us timely words from yesterday's sinner-saints.

The Ageless Drama of the Passion
Watching Gibson's film, we are transported 600 years back in time to a medieval art form.

Rediscovering the Language Jesus Spoke
Millions of Americans have spent two hours listening to the characters in Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ speaking in an exotic, unfamiliar tongue. Yet not all find Aramaic so alien.

Should We Fight for "Under God"?
The right approach to these two little words may not be obvious.

To Spank or Not To Spank?
A 6th-century abbot and a group of 17th-century Calvinist "divines" weigh in on the issue

For All the Saints
A new book reminds us to get our heads and hearts together, in the company of the "cloud of witnesses."

The Pagan-Buster
How a brilliant monk laid the groundwork for Christian Europe.

Hey, John Kerry, WWFFD?
"What Would the Founding Fathers Do" about the application of Christian principles to American politics? A few cautionary words.

"Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "The Amish."
UPN's "Amish In the City" shows us our modern selves in a mirror that is positively medieval.

The Prohibition of Gay Marriage
We can learn from the defeat of American Christian activism's greatest legislative victory.

Top Ten Stories of 2003 … with a Christian History Twist
Here is our review of "the Christian history that made the stories that made the news."

Would You Like to Super-Size Your Ministry?
Joan Kroc's $1.5 billion bequest to the Salvation Army promises to boost its admirable outreach, but history suggests new challenges and temptations lie ahead.

When God—or Allah—Is in the Details
What do Islamic "sharia" law and the colonial Massachusetts' Puritan experiment have in common?

Resolutions Worth Keeping
The Origins of New Years' Resolutions, and One Famous List

The Blood-and-Fire Mission of the Salvation Army
Where did this tuba-playing, kettle-wielding social force come from, and what's it all about?

Just a Closer Walk … with the Historical Jesus
Mel Gibson's movie raises again the question: How much can we know historically about Jesus' life and times?

Why some Jews fear The Passion
Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ gives Christians the chance to disavow a shameful history of anti-Semitism.

One Nation Under Secularism
France's peculiar aversion to public religiosity is rooted in a sordid history of sectarian violence.

A Problematic Partnership?
Would the Spanish friars of California's historic missions have lobbied for the separation of church and state?

The Doctrine Doctor
JaroslavPelikan has written a history of the Christian tradition on a scale no one else has attempted in the twentieth century.

Is Speaking Truth a Hate Crime?
New hate law bills highlight the need for peaceful yet critical Christian witness. A 12th-century abbot leads the way.

Gutenberg: A God's-Eye View
The rise, fall, and redemption of the Father of the Information Age.

Revisiting the Pagan Olympic Games
New scholarship on the ancient Olympics reminds Christians why Emperor Theodosius outlawed the event so many centuries ago.

The "assumed" fate of Jesus' mother
Or, "What's 'up' with the Feast of the Assumption"?

A Tragic Anniversary
10 years ago this Wednesday, on April 7, 1994, the newly Christianized African nation of Rwanda erupted into unprecedented ethnic slaughter. Where was the church then? And how can it help Rwandans recover today?

Why does Easter's date wander?

Mel Gibson's Next Act: "The Man of the Passion"?
Thousands want Mel to make his next movie about a famous medieval friar.

St. Mugg's Wrestling Prophets, Part II: The "Weird Little Dane"
How a struggling soul built a bridge to Christ for those caught in the world's snares.

How Will It All End?
Left Behind is neither the first nor the last word on "last things."

Let Us Not Set Asunder
The threat of gay marriage challenges Christians to defend older, better definitions of marriage. But what are those definitions, and how did they develop?

Compassionate in War, Christian in Vision
The man behind the Geneva Conventions knew the heights of success and the depths of failure.

The Real Twelve Days of Christmas
Celebrating Christ's birth with saints of the faith during the actual Christmas season.

"The Bible Alone"? Not for John Calvin!
When we seek answers to churchly and societal issues in the Bible alone, citing the Reformation principle of sola scriptura,we are actually contradicting the Reformers.

A glimpse inside the world of "holiness testimony," through the story of an ex-slave woman evangelist.

Holy America, Phoebe!
It swept across church lines, transforming America's urban landscape with its rescue missions and storefront churches. Yet today, the "holiness movement" and its charismatic woman leader are all but forgotten.

How to Pray for Our Troops
This Veteran's Day, let's commend our men and women of the services to the God who brings good even from the most evil circumstances.

Getting the Word Out
An exhibit at the Huntington Library shows how Bibles big and small gave power to the people.

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