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Easter Through the Ages
Take the quiz ... then explore the history. In addition to the Holidays section of our archives, you can find Easter-related content in several past issues of Christian History & Biography: Issue 97: The Holy Land, Issue 83: Mary in the Imagination of the Church, and Issue 59: The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth
From its earliest observance, the Christian celebration of Easter was closely linked with which Jewish holiday?

Around the year 326, Emperor Constantine ordered the traditional site of Christ’s crucifixion and burial to be excavated and a church to be built there. According to some accounts, what did the diggers discover that convinced them they had found right place?

Foot washing is traditionally associated with which day of Holy Week?

If you followed the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, where would you end up?

Why didn’t the Puritans celebrate Easter?

Who wrote the lyrics to “Christ the Lord is Risen Today,” one of the most beloved Easter hymns?

At the Synod of Whitby in 664, the king of Northumbria chose to follow the Roman date for Easter instead of the Celtic date for Easter. Why?

According to one Eastern Orthodox legend, Mary Magdalene or Mary the mother of Jesus set a basket of eggs under Jesus' cross. What happened to the eggs?

In the fourth century, a pilgrim named Egeria described the elaborate celebration of Holy Week in Jerusalem. She remarked that deacons carefully guarded the remains of Christ’s wooden cross as worshipers knelt to kiss it—why?

According to the third-century theologian Tertullian, early Christians believed that Easter was the most appropriate time to do what?


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