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Dr. Luther's Tribulation
Feelings of God's absence didn't plague only Mother Teresa.
One Last Gotham Visit for Billy Graham
The evangelist's upcoming New York crusade recalls his historic confrontation with segregation, fundamentalism, and mainline theology nearly 50 years ago.
Tsunami Catastrophe: "Let My Heart Be Broken…"
World Vision has changed much over the years, but the vision and compassion of its founder, Bob Pierce, continues to give it heart and soul.
Still Fighting Over Nicaea
The Anglican Communion dusts off and debates some of the Council of Nicaea's forgotten canons.
Liberating Faith
When Korea threw off Japanese rule in 1945, it was as much a victory for the church as for the nation.
Signs of the Reformation's Success?
Reformation scholar Timothy George discusses Pope John Paul II's historical significance and this 'momentous' era of Catholic-evangelical dialogue.
Cockroaches and the Nicene Creed
To an accompaniment of whale songs, the worshippers glory in God's creation; there's no service quite like the annual blessing of the animals at St. John the Divine.
Now That You've Got Political Power, What Are You Going to Do with It?
History offers warning and hope for our modern-day Christian populism.
I Was in Prison and You Abused Me
What would Jesus do at Abu Ghraib?
Should We Fight for "Under God"?
The right approach to these two little words may not be obvious.
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