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The Next Pope: An African?
Sixty-four years ago, the Roman Catholic Church consecrated its first black African bishop. Is it time now for the next step?
When World Leaders Pray, Part II
Tony Blair's spin-doctors worried when he recently "outed" himself as a Christian. But what impact has Christianity really had on our leaders?
When World Leaders Pray
Some observers are upset with Tony Blair's recent public avowal of faith. But what impact has Christianity really had on our leaders?
The Ancient Rise and Recent Fall of Tithing
Is yet another time-honored Christian practice fading from view?
Did Eric Rudolph Act in a "Tradition of Christian Terror"?
A historian considers the evidence of the Crusades and the Inquisition.
Finding God in a Box
Have archaeological discoveries like the James ossuary served or obscured the quest to verify the Bible?
Iraq's Christians Caught in the Middle, Again
If the looming war breaks out, 350,000 Iraqi Christians will be caught in a West-East conflict eerily similar to 4th-century events.
Heresy, Salvation, and Jack the Ripper
Why heresy trials will have to do, until something better comes along.
Hajj, Feasts, and Pilgrimage
Why Muslims, Jews, and Christians still yearn for their holy places.
9/11, History, and the True Story
Wartime authors J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis help put 9/11 in perspective.
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