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August 15, 1994Volume 38, Number 9
August 15
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Table of Contents
Peggy Wehmeyer Pioneers Religion on ABC's World News Tonigh
The shooting of two abortionists provided the political cover for an insidious attempt to silence all but the bravest pro-lifers.
Freedom could not have been won without the faithful efforts of the church.
How did we get to such a state of madness?
While the religious experts focused on clarifying boundaries, Jesus focused on what lies at the center.
From Roe to Final Exit, there really is a slippery slope
Review of Coming Out Of Homosexuality
Classic and contemporary excerpts
Christian talk radio's high-wireless act is soaring. But without strong accountability structures, it could lose its balance.
Christians mobilize to reach a multitude of World Cup fans.
Hindu leaders are laying the blame for the arson of a Hindu temple in Fiji on Christian churches.
Alesksandr Solzhenitsyn returns from exile to point a way out of the Soviet quagmire.
Germans find reconciliation is harder than reunification.
Moral Relativism Is Dead
Moral Relativism Is Dead
Why outrage culture is good news for the gospel.