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November 14, 1994Volume 38, Number 13
November 14
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Table of Contents
The best way for the movement to retain its credibility is to deliver on its racial-reconciliation pledge.
Fans of the traditional family should not be intimidated by bad statistics.
Gordon Aeschliman in Cairo
The outrageously fruitful ministry of my father.
After a year of debate and division, a Presbyterian theologian explores what went wrong at last year's controversial Re-Imagining conference.
Seeking a biblical understanding of holy wisdom
The twenty-first century calls for us to give up our nineteenth-century models for worldwide ministry.
Recapturing our motivation for missions.
Will Christians reclaim the high ground in a battle to fight America's 'recreational pastime'?
hanksgiving special will test America's appetite for quality family fare.
After decades of dramatic growth worldwide, international missionary shortwave radio is facing the prospect of downsizing due to rising costs and shifting mission priorities.
The new Jesus seminar discounts the Virgin birth
Huge challenges remain despite the return of Aristide.
They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Drinks
They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Drinks
In the Muslim world, Christians have a complicated relationship with alcohol.