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December 11, 1995Volume 39, Number 14
December 11
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Table of Contents
While bloated and badly in need of reform, the UN fills a necessary role that Christians should support.
How Israel's hawk became a dove
How could Jesus treat his mother that way?
The legend among preachers was known for his passion and eloquence.
A husband confronts the pain of his wife's repressed memory.
Moral tales for parents and children.
Christopher Parkening's music is dedicated to the glory of God alone.
Brother Andrew wonders if American Christians are willing to die for anything, even their faith.
Classic and contemporary excerpts.
The BGEA tabs the once-prodigal Franklin Graham to succeed his famous father.
Indoor-outdoor event the most technologically complex.
Can we find a place for both shame and grace?
Scripting our lives by the stories we choose: what's missing from the character debate.
The Benedict Option’s Vision for a Christian Village
The Benedict Option’s Vision for a Christian Village
How to conserve and strengthen the American church.