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July 17 , 1995
Volume 39, Number 8
July 17
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Table of Contents
AIDS has made a family of this church.
On calendars and the apocalyptic imagination.
The Cross shows us the true nature of love-and its breathtaking cost.
Coming Attractions
The lives of Nelson Mandela and Alan Paton reveal that the road to freedom is through the Cross.
Out of the closet as an evangelical with an attitude.
Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and the impossible Sermon on the Mount.
To a TV-shaped world, silence is as threatening as piety and much more puzzling.
A scholar discovers God where she did not want to look.
A writer's journey to the other side of the Looking Glass
Classic and contemporary excerpts
Teaching at home moves to the cutting edge of education
Ministries band together to overcome losses
Protestants expectant, but cautious.
Toronto crowd sets record despite evangelist's ailment.
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
'America's pastor' shaped modern evangelicalism.