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July 15, 1996Volume 40, Number 8
July 15
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Table of Contents
The cold war is over, but hate is prospering. What is the church to do?
A response to the black church arsons.
The proper aim of welfare reform should be to get people out of poverty, not just off the public dole.
Christian engagement in an era of political rancor.
The heresy of individualism.
Hallelujah to the All-inclusive One.
Crusade's final event draws 95,000.
No minister had prepared me for God's absence.
In these poems of Scripture, you'll find rage, loneliness, and fear—in other words, you'll find yourself
How the Worldwide Church of God discovered the plain truth of the gospel.
Increasingly, Christians are harassed, arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, fined, or killed because of their religious beliefs and practices.
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How Not to Listen to the New Sufjan Stevens Album
How Not to Listen to the New Sufjan Stevens Album
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