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August 10 , 1998
Volume 42, Number 9
August 10
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Table of Contents
The archbishop's homilies reveal a heroic biblical witness rather than the poster boy of liberation theology.
Wolfhart Pannenberg's sacramental theology.
A new home is dedicated for the nation's only graduate-level Protestant seminary.
Give Wisconsin an A for saying no to secularist nonsense.
A military expert on the psychology of killing explains how today's media condition kids to pull the trigger.
Turkey is inviting Christians to discover its biblical legacy.
Churches partner with parents to care for at-risk children.
Evangelical theology is much bigger and richer than our two-party labels.
Retiring senator Dan Coats explains why Christians aren't getting their way in Washington.
The most plausible interpretation is that some in Corinth were getting baptized vicariously for the dead.
A kosher keeper teaches us about the religious meaning of food.
The strategy of evolutionary psychology is to debunk traditional morality by reducing it to genetic self-interest.
Missouri Town in Symbolic Struggle
Experiencing God Crosses Over
Tithe Protection Law Signed
New Religious Liberty Bill Unveiled
Raunchy Art Ruled Unprotected
Christians Jailed, Abused, Deported
Lutherans, Catholics Step Closer
Dalai Lama, Evangelical Leader Talk
Four Convicted of Bible Smuggling
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died
'America's pastor' shaped modern evangelicalism.