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September 7, 1998Volume 42, Number 10
September 7
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Table of Contents
Pentecostals, Roman Catholics in long-standing talks to resolve conflicts, discover some commonalities.
Greek Church says laity lamentations are groundless.
Christian colleges seek to improve retention rate.
Christian journalists should be fairer than their secular counterparts.
How two Egyptologists are countering scholars who want to turn the Old Testament into myth.
Why this nonevangelical Oxford don has become our patron saint.
In 1967, there were no Messianic Jewish congregations in the world. Today there are 350. Who are these believers?
School-choice advocates win in Wisconsin, but can the movement gain momentum?
Our deepest beliefs are reflected in the ways we construct our houses of worship.
A practical strategy for loving the poor.
Many are surprised to learn that denominations were created to make peace in the church possible.
Churchy types present the Christian experience as blandly perfect.
Raymond Brown provides an excellent synthesis of contemporary New Testament scholarship.
I felt a thrilling flashback to Eden, when the barrier of fear had not yet arisen between the species.
My Missionary Great-Grandfather Led Me to Christ
My Missionary Great-Grandfather Led Me to Christ
But only after I went to Japan in search of his life story.