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May 24, 1999Volume 43, Number 6
May 24
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Table of Contents
Balkan evangelicals feel strain of ethnic cleansing.
Religious groups say boycott bears fruit.
The verdict against pastor Gregory Dell was not "denominational cleansing," but a necessary attempt at disciple making.
Casinos are seducing an alarming number of seniors. Where is the church?
Amidst church conflicts and a devastating hurricane, missionaries John and Shirley Wind answered the call to leave Honduras.
A young pastor discovers what grace looks like while battling cancer.
Why Americans oppose abortion but want to keep it legal.
Jan Crouse is calling Bible-believing, intellectually minded mainline women to unite.
We live the truth not for its own sake, but for God's sake and for the neighbor's sake.
The church's nuptial bond was now imagined as me-and-Jesus alone, and as swooning and passionate.
Just 50 days after Easter, the Holy Spirit empowered the Early Church. Here are timely thoughts about the Third Person of the Trinity and our response to him.
To be more effective ministers, Five Iron Frenzy resists the packaging of Christian rock bands.
Twenty years of growth and struggle for Christians in the Visual Arts.
Richard Foster wants Christians to be renewed by encountering the church's "living streams."
The military intervention introduces moral questions that the church ought to raise now, not waiting until the body bags start coming home.
Expatriates Find Overseas Congregations Thriving
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Why I'm Not a Conscientious Objector
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