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Bauer thanks critical World
"Thank you for standing with my family. Thank you for standing with me," writes presidential candidate Gary Bauer in a paid full-page advertisement in the November 6 issue of World. He's referring to the aftermath of rumors that he was having an extramarital affair with a young campaign aide. It later turned out that the rumors began when campaign staffers left, upset that he was meeting behind closed doors for hours at a time with the aide no affair was alleged by the staffers, just "impropriety." (The World ad also addresses the former staff members: "I have heard you and I regret the time of turmoil and misconceptions. Now, it's time to move forward ") The controversy flashed for a day in the mainstream press, and most Christian talking heads didn't even find it worth mentioning. So why take out a thank-you ad in World, who not only ran articles on the controversy for three straight weeks, but was critical from the get-go? "No fire, but how thick the smoke?" asked the October 9 issue. "Maybe I'm not supposed to be president," it quoted Bauer in week two, portraying him as timid and bungling. A major story in the October 16 issue ended this way: "Judging from the disarray within his campaign, if voters start weighing Mr. Bauer's management skills in the balance, he'll be found wanting. Until he can get his office in Springfield together, he may not be ready to move across the Potomac." If this is "standing with me," one wonders what Bauer considers negative coverage.

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