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August (Web-only) 2001

Subscriber Access Only A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
Despite Steven Spielberg's reputation for producing warm fuzzies, A.I. is bleak.
Subscriber Access Only Apocalyptic City
The dream and the nightmare of megalopolis.
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Frost Fired as Dean of Christian Law School
"A scientist claims to have an explanation of Sodom and Gomorrah's fate, and Colorado Springs non-profits draw a crowd."
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Hostage Pastor Released Unharmed In Colombia
Wife pledges to stay in Colombia because the kidnappers cannot stop the Lord's work
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India's Prime Minister Inflames Country With Attack on Improper Evangelism
"Newsweek on bad religious books, Christian leaders are the majority of Manila's deadly hotel fire victims, and other stories from media around the world."
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"Amid Fears for Future, Jerusalem's Churches Embark On Prayers for Peace"
Week of prayer launched with services held in various congregations
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'Bad is Good Again.' Again?
"What Christian and mainstream critics are saying about Rat Race, American Outlaws, Captain Corelli's Mandolin, and other movies."
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It's Not Graham-Approved Television. It's HBO.
"Afghanistan prisoners may be seen or even freed, Baltimore's stained-glass crisis, and other stories from media sources around the world"
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"Despite Israeli Objections, Irineos Is New Greek Orthodox Patriarch"
"Protesting under a sixth century law, Israeli objections overturned by supreme court."
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"Restore Trust In Politics, Nicaraguan Churches Tell Presidential Candidates"
Protestants and Evangelicals extremely concerned about nation's ills
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"Hostages, Prisoners, Captives—And One Who's Not"
"Catching up with Milingo, the Burnhams, and the Shelter Now workers in Afghanistan."
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Activist Christian Pastor Arrested In Vietnam
Public Security Police have busted up Mennonite services four times this year.
Subscriber Access Only Eyewitness to a Massacre
"The bloodbath that started on August 24, 1572, left thousands of corpses and dozens of disturbing questions"
Subscriber Access Only The Future Is Now
You want the news? Read science fiction.
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Doors Shut on Afghanistan Christian Organization
"Philippine Muslim rebels strike again, and carnival workers need religion, too."
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Colombian Evangelical Lawyers Survive Murder Attempt
Attack Thwarts Plans to Form a National Christian Legal Society.
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Shari'ah Law to Decide Fates in Afghanistan
Attack of the 200 Clones coming soon and Eugene Rivers's model could help Cincinnati's racial tensions
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Separate and Equal
Martin Luther King dreamed of an integrated society. Boston minister Eugene Rivers thinks it was the wrong dream
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"Antinori Team Says, 'Send In the Clones'"
Taliban officials display evidence and the Roman Catholic Church endorses a controversial molestation bill.
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In Perspective: Why Are Pastors Flying to Moon?
Recent black clergy firings are only the latest chapter in Unification Church's efforts to court Christian leaders
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"CT Classic: With Their Leader in Prison, Moonies Pursue Legitimacy"
Tim LaHaye and other Christians are helping the Unification Church battle the perceived threat of government intrusion
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The Unification Church Aims a Major Public Relations Effort at Christian Leaders
"A mass mailing to 300,000 church leaders tries to clarify the teachings of Sun Myung Moon."
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Unification Church Ties Haunt New Coalition
Are followers of Sun Myung Moon expanding their influence among conservative Christians?
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Sun Myung Moon's Followers Recruit Christians to Assist in Battle Against Communism
"Funded by the Unification Church, CAUSA seeks an interfaith effort based on Moon's theology."
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If It's Too Good to Be True...
A dose of skepticism is okay even with fellow Christians
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Dear Diaries: Wholesome Isn't The Same As Entertaining
"Critics look at The Princess Diaries, Rush Hour 2 and Original Sin. Plus, when it comes to violence in the movies, should we see no evil?"
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New Rules Surface in Afghanistan
Bush delivers a big announcement tonight and mass-arrests in Lebanon lead to unrest
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Bush Finds Middle Ground with Stem-Cell Decision
"More developments with Abu Sayyaf, and the Assemblies of God council splits on divorced clergy resolutions"
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Divided by Communion
What a church does in remembrance of Christ says a lot about its history and identity.
Subscriber Access Only Megalopolis Forty Years On
The ambiguous face of the city
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"Taliban Investigation Widens, No Access Given to Prisoners"
"Archbishop Milingo's wife protests, and allegations pile up against Frost."
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"Diplomats Receive Visas Into Afghanistan, but Will Only Meet with Officials"
"Over a week after raid on Shelter Germany, future for workers still unclear."
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The Vatican Library Coming to a Town Near You
"Lutherans vote to study homosexuality, and North Carolina hangs the Ten Commandments."
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"Archbishop's Wife Threatens Suicide, Claims Pregnancy as Milingo Returns to Catholicism"
"Evangelical Lutheran Church in America passes ordination amendment, and other stories from media sources around the world."
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East German Church Lost 'Distinctive Voice' After Reunification
"Forty years after the building of the Berlin Wall, cleric claims some churches are worse off"
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"In-the-Body, Out-of-Body, Dead Body, Too Bawdy"
"Critics this week look at Osmosis Jones, The Others, The Deep End, and American Pie 2."
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Do Movies Kill People?
"Critics weigh in on what makes violence in film wrong, right and R-rated."
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"Alabama Justice Unveils 5,280 Pounds of Godliness"
"The initial phase of Mother Teresa's beatification concludes, and science examines the healing power of prayer"
Subscriber Access Only Live Long and Prosper
"Though a recent survey raises questions, the health benefits of faith have been documented for centuries."
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Report Finds Widespread Bias In Funding of Faith-Based Groups
"Nuns that can't be pushed down, and diplomats that are being pushed around."
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Indian Church Steps Up Education Programs To Deal With Threat Of AIDS
Ten percent of those living with AIDS live in India
Subscriber Access Only The Strange Case of Napoleon Beazley
How media coverage of a young killer created death row chic.
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Did the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Pull Its Punches?
"Christian high school and seminary under fire for alleged sexual assault connections, and a DD-cup for God"
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"As Christian Grad Schools Face Challenges, an Astrology School Gets a Boost"
Did a bird again find Noah's ark?
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"Ten Years After Coup, Putin Seeks Inspiration From Russia's Christian Roots"
"During monastery visit, president says moral values should form national policy."
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'You Shouldn't Put Tanks at a Church'
"Defending the Taliban against arrogant Christians, beggars become choosers, and other stories from media around the world."
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Apocalypse Now and Again
"What critics in the religious and mainstream media are saying about Coppola's masterpiece, as well as offensive comedies The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Bubble Boy."
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Maria Sung No Longer Mooning For Archbishop Milingo
"Israeli army leaves Christian town of Beit Jala, and news on Billy Graham, school vouchers, religious investing, and other topics around the world"
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Aid Workers Held Captive
Taliban alleges housing group's staff engaged in evangelism.
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In Perspective: The Friendliest Murderous Militants in the World
"The Soviet Union, United States, and others helped create Afghanistan's ruling Taliban. Will the world's most Islamic state backfire?"
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"G.K. Chesterton, the Eccentric Prince of Paradox"
"With a reputation for mild eccentricity, Chesterton laughed most at himself."
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"Leave Christianity in Narnia, says New York Times columnist ; Racism, Sexism, Sectarianism, Too."
"Afghanistan's Taliban shuts down more aid ministries, and links to dozens of other news stories around the world."
Subscriber Access Only Explaining the Ineffable
"In Heaven Below, a former Pentecostal argues that his ancestors were neither as outlandish as they seemed nor as otherworldly as they wish to seem."
After Fire Kills 40 Orphans, Guatemala Finally Listens to Evangelicals
After 40 Girls Die in Orphanage Fire, Guatemala Asks Evangelicals for Advice
Tragedy becomes impetus for reforms sought by Christian experts.