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February 5 , 2001
Volume 45, Number 2
February 5
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Table of Contents
He's the evangelical next door on The Simpsons, and that's okily dokily among many believers.
Steve Tompkins believes God has a sense of humor
The show's popularity goes beyond its 10th anniversary star on Hollywood Boulevard.
Why Hollywood has a hard time getting Christianity right, and how we can tell when it does.
German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's evangelistic crusades are setting attendance records, but career missionaries worry about discipleship.
Muslim Fundamentalist law troubles Christians and some Muslims
Visiting Nigeria taught me as much about the despair in my own soul as it did the soul of this country.
Death is the heartless divider—or so I thought before I watched my grandpa die.
Too much worship is convivial rather than adoring
The Millennial generation may be uniquely wired to stand—and sweat—for God.
Muslims have increased efforts to take control of Holy Land sties revered by Jews and Christians.
Gen-X Christians are reinterpreting the meaning of church unity.
Old Friends, New Ventures
Few seem to have noticed the euthanasia movement's latest gains
Self-centeredness is cured by looking deeply within the life of the Trinity.
An end-times pilgrim counts the cost of discipleship
In elections, and in life, there is something more important than winning.
Quotations in Honor of Black History Month
I have discovered how inconvenient it can be when God actually does speak.
Two books disclose the unforeseen hazards of divorce, and the unexpected fruits of marriage.
A Polish director prods European and American audiences to consider God's timeless standards.
The messianic and passionate U2 sounds like itself again
A look around the globe reveals a God as big as we want him to be
NCC withdraws endorsement of 'one-man, one-woman' marriage statement.
Baptists, Methodists follow
New Law Helps Church Gain Storefront Site
A new documentary explores each group's concept of prayer, the Bible, and the Messiah.
Unconventional 'Theophostic' counseling cites results in rebutting its critics.
Despite benefits, automatic electronic transfers still rare in churches
Episcopal Church court may decide fate of Montana's Charles Jones next week.
But China's unofficial congregations resist evil cult label
Evangelicals assess the bitter lessons of the Fujimori years
Persecution of religious minorities stirs Christian outrage against government inaction.
Pastor who resists injustice is repeatedly beaten by police.
When the Gift of Intelligence Becomes the Burden of Alzheimer’s
When the Gift of Intelligence Becomes the Burden of Alzheimer’s
The strength of human intellect also makes it fragile.