October (Web-only) 2001

Subscriber Access Only A Troubadour and His Guitar
Once poised for folk-rock stardom, John Michael Talbot chose a quieter path
Subscriber Access Only Science and the Spiritual Quest
"A place at the table for Christians, but at a price."
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Praisin' Worship Music
"Plus: Promise Keepers' military rhetoric gets real, the failure of racial reconciliation, and a verdict expected this week for Shelter Now workers."
Subscriber Access Only Where Was God on 9/11?
Reflections from Ground Zero and beyond.
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Antiabortion Terrorists Take Advantage of Anthrax Scare
Plus: Bibles found at Ground Zero.
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Mission Work Slows in Muslim Countries
"Plus: Updates on the Burnhams and Shelter Now workers, and more stories from around the world."
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The Transformation of Trash
Howard Finster's life was a living sacrifice.
Subscriber Access Only Serial-Killer Style vs. Single-Mom Substance
"What critics are saying about From Hell, Riding in Cars with Boys, The Last Castle, and other films."
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Christian Media's Surges and Skirmishes
"Plus: Pat Robertson twice slammed for Liberia ties, and other stories."
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HarperCollins Releases a Semi-Official C.S. Lewis Sequel—But It's Not Narnia
"Plus: Tolkien and Lewis speak to a post-9/11 world, and many other stories from media around the world."
Subscriber Access Only Festival of Fears
What's scarier than Halloween? The anxieties that drive it.
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Is the U.S. Ignoring Religious Persecution by Anti-Terror Allies?
"The State Department adds North Korea to worst-offenders list, but not Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan."
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Planned Law on Religious Hatred Prompts Protests
Critics fear that Britain's religious freedom legislation might have the opposite effect.
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'Our Fears Have Come True' Says Pakistani Bishop After Massacre in Church
At least sixteen parishioners killed after gunmen storm a Sunday service.
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"Weblog: Decisions, Decisions"
Judges and church judiciaries rule on denominational conflicts.
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Radical Muslims Massacre 16 Protestants
Six masked gunmen spray bullets into a Church of Pakistan Sunday service.
Subscriber Access Only Is God a Body-Snatcher?
The restless intelligence of philosopher Peter van Inwagen.
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In Perspective: The Christian and the Jack-o'-Lantern
The September 11 terrorist attacks force Americans to rethink Halloween—something Christians have done for a long time.
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A Church Parking Headache
"Plus: Removing tattoos in Honduras, a proposed Religious Speech Amendment, and other stories from around the world."
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White-Powder Worries
The anthrax scare has put us on edge. How shall we deal with wartime fears?
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Think Jesus Is the Only Way to Heaven? You're a Terrorist Waiting to Happen
"As church attendance slackens, columnists continue to attack exclusive fundamentalist beliefs in Christianity."
Subscriber Access Only Movie Messiahs of All Shapes and Sizes
"What critics are saying about K-Pax, Waking Life, Halloween's horror flicks, and other cinema options."
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Hundreds of Christians Take Shelter in Barracks After Riots in Nigeria
Some report that violence since mid-October has left more than 200 dead.
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Taliban Ends Access to Aid Workers
"Plus: The Burnhams are alive but their captors are in trouble, plus other stories from around the world."
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Dayna Curry Will Celebrate Her 30th Birthday in a Taliban Prison
"With trial indefinitely postponed, the future is murky for Shelter Now hostages."
Subscriber Access Only "Christian History Corner: God Bless, More or Less"
Irving Berlin's anthem captures America.
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Christian Scholarship ... For What?
Academic speakers affirm the value of beholding God's creation
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The Untold Story of America's Favorite E-mail Forward
"What's on the Supreme Court docket, Ann Coulter gets fired, and Cronkite gets cranky."
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Religious Riots in Nigeria Leave Hundreds Dead
Leaders condemn the use of religion as a tool for violence
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All Narnians Go to Heaven
"A call for miracle verifiers in Kenya, more on pacifism and just war doctrine, and other stories from news media around the world."
Subscriber Access Only "Film Forum: Friendship's Favor, Fashion's Folly"
"Stephen King tries warming our hearts instead of chilling them. Michael Douglas brings back the formula thriller. Ben Stiller has us laughing at ego and fashion, and so does Mariah Carey (unintentionally"
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The Great Physician Is In
Studying the benefits and perils of religious belief on physical health—including pregnancy.
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Anglican Priest Hopes to Boldly Go Where No Clergyman Has Gone Before
Ken Clapham wants to be the international space station's chaplain.
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World Publisher Apologizes for 'Clumsy' Editorial
"More on the World Trade Center crosses, every publication in the world notices America's spiritual boom, and other stories on the 9/11 fallout."
Subscriber Access Only A Muslim Perspective on War
"Muslim response to the Crusades showed jihad in action, and while the grievances have changed, the rhetoric still echoes."
Subscriber Access Only Covering Islam
Getting beyond the feel-good bromides
Subscriber Access Only
Call Them Hostages
"Shelter Now aid workers reportedly survive first attack, but young American Heather Mercer isn't doing well."
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Aiding Afghanistan
Relief and aid organizations say dropping food while dropping with bombs is dangerous. And Australia's PM gets attacked for trying to defend Shelter Now workers.
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Criminal Attacks on Polish Churches Prompt Security Campaign
Armed robberies of Roman Catholic parishes have quadrupled since the early 1990s.
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Survey points to 'growing concern' about violence against British clergy
Clergy homes are often clearly marked making them targets for violence.
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"Weblog: Terrorism, Broken Bones, Rumors Won't Keep Billy Graham From Preaching"
"Two horrible violent crimes, good and evil after 9/11, and other stories from around the world."
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What Does 09.11.01 Mean for Religious Liberty Policy?
Persecution watchdogs fear religious freedom will suffer
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"Church, Community Stand by Refugee Charged with Rape"
Hate group targets St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in literature campaign.
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Will the U.S. Attack the Abu Sayyaf Next?
"Shelter Now workers on hunger strike, and other stories from media around the world."
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"Weblog: Graham, Caldwell, Vicar's Wife Criticized for Post-9/11 Comments"
"Charitable choice supporters say just wait till next year, American definitely killed by Muslim kidnappers, and other stories from around the world."
Subscriber Access Only Apocalypse Not
"As speculations mount regarding the significance of recent events in God's plan for the end of the world, voices from the past urge restraint."
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A Different Kind of Women's Lib
A dispatch from the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood conference.
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Prayer Service Set for Lincoln Memorial on Saturday
"A spiritual response is needed to fill current void, organizers say"
Subscriber Access Only Beyond Belief?
Nobel Prize-winner V.S. Naipaul's accounts of Islam presuppose the superiority of modern skepticism.
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Billy Graham's Last Crusade—Really
"Hundreds more killed in new Nigeria riots, and Martin Burnham speaks—but bears bad news."
Subscriber Access Only
Praying Dangerously
"Luke's DNA, and an evangelistic tract makes an unfortunate appearance in the Chicago Tribune."
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"Weblog: Kabul 'Trial' Continued, But Future Is Uncertain"
"Jehovah's Witnesses go to the Supreme Court again, C.S. Lewis speaks to one of America's biggest companies, and other stories."
Subscriber Access Only Fall Films Fall Hard
"What critics are saying about Mulholland Drive, Training Day, Max Keeble's Big Move, Bandits, Corky Romano, Serendipity, Joy Ride, and Iron Monkey."
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The Worst Seeker-Sensitive Church in America
"Guerillas in Philippines kidnap another missionary, Pat Robertson says Islam isn't a peaceful religion, and other stories from news sources around the world"
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"Beamer's Faith, Competitive Streak Set Scene for Flight 93 Heroism"
Friends say Wheaton grad's determination made him a hero
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Slovak Churches Applaud Decision To Drop Plan For Yoga In Schools
"Christian culture would have been threatened by plan, leaders say."
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Rebuilding the Walls of Columbine
"Comedian accuses Britain of banning religious jokes, Dan Rather reads his Bible, and other stories."
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Christian Charities Worry About Donation Plunge
Relief agencies watch for a decrease in giving and debate how to use 9.11.01 in appeals.
Subscriber Access Only Forget 'Normal'
C.S. Lewis's warning against panic during World War II resonates in our new crisis
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Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?
Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?
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