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September 2005Volume 49, Number 9
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Table of Contents
Faith really begins to make a difference when it stops 'working.'
Christians in business have an honored place in God's plan.
Why a Christian couple trains Kabul's women to bake, cook, and keep house for Westerners.
The Church has a unique role to play in our politicized culture.
Quick reviews of Life@Work, The Power of Hospitality, Sex, Lies, and the Media, and When You're Facing the Empty Nest.
Christian history is full of attempts to lead a more radical faith.
A fresh crop of Christian communities is blossoming in blighted urban settings all over America.
Intellectual skepticism persists in the Ivy League. Thankfully, so does a vibrant Christian faith.
Satellite churches are discovering a new way to grow the body of Christ.
Unprincipled Commandments rulings leave a nation guessing.
Recent developments at Christian organizations.
How a Nazi-soldier-turned-theologian found hope.
Nina Shea on the greatest threat to human freedom today.
Nina Shea is not someone to tangle with. And the persecuted are mighty glad.
Why it's hard to be heavenly minded.
Recent stats on religious expression, public displays, and marriage.
Telling underage kids not to have sex is surprisingly controversial.
Recent quotes from Eric Rudolph, J.K. Rowling, the Pope, and Tammy Faye.
Christians in business have an honored place in God's plan.
Deaths, promotions, and other items from the religion world.
No way. But we can still do something significant.
Sir John Templeton's born-again son takes control of the famous foundation—but there are strings attached.
Celebration 2005' offers service as low-key witness.
Kelo puts religious property at risk.
Bishop removes priest, changes dissenting church's locks.
Homosexual marriage now legal; pressure feared.
They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Drinks
They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Drinks
In the Muslim world, Christians have a complicated relationship with alcohol.