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September 2, 2008
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Sounds like … the jazzy touches of Noah Jones, Natalie Cole, and Harry Connick Jr. with the piano pop leanings of Carole King, Sara Groves, and Cindy Morgan

At a glance … the third studio CD from this critically acclaimed singer/songwriter is once again a charmer, showcasing soulfully rich pipes across spiritually-charged lyrics seeking a daily renewal of faith.

Indiana-bred troubadour Sarah Scharbrough first found fame on the local circuit when splitting her studies at Anderson University with independent artistry at the tip of the 2000s. She released the debut disc So Many Reasons in 2001, balancing the worlds of introspective insight with worshipful leanings, both bathed in an accessible coffeehouse pop dichotomy. She developed a jazzy side and a vertical/ horizontal songwriting equilibrium throughout 2005's The Least of These, also releasing Live In Concert on DVD in support of that tour with her longtime drummer/percussionist (and husband) Jeff McLaughlin.

Aside from her own projects, Scharbrough is also credited for collaborating with everyone from Christian superstars Bill & Gloria Gaither and Sandi Patti to country singers Dierks Bentley and Deana Carter, not to mention fellow piano-pop singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin (who just so happens to be her brother-in-law). Her voice has also been heard in several commercials with clients as diverse as Ford, Dodge, New Balance, Cedar Point Theme Park, and Indiana Pacers basketball.

All that experience translates to an even tighter and generally cohesive collection of eleven tracks that find Scharbrough's voice maturing to an even richer, jazzy direction and her pen adapting additional insight into various aspects of the Christian walk. "We Are the Same" could ...

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